Sorry, but Hunter Biden’s profiteering matters — even if the rest of the press ignore it

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Much of the media continues to ignore Hunter Biden with his fingers in his ears like toddlers. His laptop is “unconfirmed”. “Unfounded.” “that does not matter.”

The first two are clearly false, a weak excuse for the administration to hide things. From the start, the laptop was confirmed: Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinsky confirmed that their correspondence was genuine. Hunter Biden has never denied that they are his files; In fact, his memoir attests to photographs of drug use, prostitutes, and financial documents from laptops.

Post columnist Miranda Devine’s new book, “Laptop from Hell,” describes how the Chinese gave Hunter a 3-carat diamond and includes a picture from the diamond computer as well as a Hunter selfie showing Finger Lakes’ own The back tattoo is shown. Were these all doctorates? Hunter himself confirmed in an interview with The New Yorker that he had received the diamond but waved it as a good gesture.

The Biden files have been verified and confirmed in eight ways as of Sunday. Journalists just don’t want to hear it.

A diamond was reportedly given as a gift from a Chinese business titan to Hunter Biden.

So he leaves “It doesn’t matter.” Liberal media outlets are uniquely curious about Hunter selling his father’s influence. In the case of the Chinese deal mentioned by Devine, he says there is “no indication” that Joe Biden ever received the “10 percent for the big guy” promised in an e-mail.

But consider these questions:

  • We know from Hunter’s own correspondence that the chairman of CEFC, an energy firm affiliated with China’s government, had promised him $10 million a year for three years to provide an “introduction”. Which politicians did he introduce the officers to? Which of these meetings did Joe Biden help facilitate? What were the promises made in those meetings?
  • Hunter complains several times that he is expected to be the provider for the entire Biden family and expresses his dismay at the “lack of respect”???? He received to bring in cash. Not only is Devine’s book but “The Bidens: Inside the First Families’ Fifty-Year Rise to Power” by Politico’s Ben Schrekinger reveals how the president’s family used their position to profit.
  • It goes even further than that. E-mails on the laptop indicated that Hunter was paying Joa’s personal bills. What else was he paying? Was that a supplement to Joe Biden’s government salary? There are also indications that Hunter and Joe shared bank accounts and credit cards. In one case, Devine writes, Hunter used a credit card to pay a prostitute and immediately met with an ex-Secret Service agent. How much was their fund mixed?

At least, the Chinese were paying for government access to the vice president’s son. But now it also seems that the Chinese were giving millions of rupees to Joe Biden through his son.

We have asked the administration these questions knowing that CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and others have ignored us. It has a back and will never push things.

There are many unanswered questions about Hunter Biden profiteering.
There are many unanswered questions about Hunter Biden profiteering.
ABC via Getty Images

Joe Biden Wants Millions for IRS Enforcement. Wondering if this actually includes completing the investigation into his son earning money and registering as a foreign agent. And would that include auditing the president’s own income and was he declaring the money Hunter owed him?

That’s why Hunter matters. The media is out of excuses.


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