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US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to block one New York City It is mandatory that public school teachers and staff should be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Sotomayor, appointed to the court by President Obama In 2009, New York City denied a challenge from teachers who were attempting to circumvent mandates directing immunizations to be done by the end of the day on October 1 or on unpaid leave until September 2022.


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Sotomayor denied the emergency request without providing explanation or directing the request to the Full Court for review.

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Sotomayor’s decision follows a similar move by her colleague on the court, Justice Amy Connie Barrett, who denied In August Indiana University made an emergency appeal to students and allowed the school to go ahead with mandatory vaccinations.

Mayor of New York City bill de blasio Monday given a Friday deadline for public education workers to receive partial Vaccination After a legal victory who said such a mandate could go ahead.

In an interview with Spectrum News 1, the mayor said that public school staff have at least until 5 p.m. on October 1 to receive the first vaccine dose.

“If you haven’t received that first dose on Friday, 5 p.m., we’ll assume you’re not coming to work on Monday and you won’t be paid starting Monday and we’ll replace your role with an alternative or an alternate employee.” Will fill it up.” said.

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De Blasio said the vaccine requirement goes into effect on October 4. Originally, all teachers and school staff were to be partially vaccinated by Monday.

“Vaccination is our strongest tool in the fight against COVID-19 – this decision is on the right side of the law and will protect our students and staff,” the city’s education department said in a statement.

The mayor said that about 87% of the education department’s staff had already received at least one dose, including 90% of teachers and 97% of headmasters.

Granthshala News’ Louis Cassiano contributed to this report