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Police shot and killed a man on a motorcycle who fired at officers when they tried to drag him onto a South Carolina road, officials said.

The Anderson County coroner’s office said 39-year-old Robert Allen Maines crashed his motorcycle after being shot and died in hospital a short time later.


Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said two people on a patrol trying to pull Maines were not injured in the shooting at around 11 p.m. Thursday.

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McBride said it was like an ambush as Maines pulled out the gun without warning and was still driving when the deputy turned on his blue light.

The sheriff said, “It happened so fast. When they approached him, he pulled out a gun and started firing at the patrol vehicle. By the grace of God, two of my representatives are alive.”

McBride said the patrol car has multiple bullet holes.

“You pull a gun at law enforcement officers, I think you can pretty much anticipate what’s going to happen,” McBride said.

The sheriff did not explain why the deputy was trying to pull over the motorcycle.

It was the second fatal shooting by an Anderson County deputy in two days. On Tuesday, an officer shot and killed 40-year-old Jonathan Zachary Combs after he exited a stolen car with a gun after a police chase and did not follow instructions to drop the weapon, investigators said. investigators said.

No officer was injured.

The state law enforcement department is investigating both shootings.