Kate Bock is engaged to Kevin Love.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and NBA star took to Instagram on Sunday where she made the announcement.

“Well, it was the best birthday surprise I ever imagined” Cover girl wrote. “I could not be happier to have a love. The heart is beating all day and night.”

Smiling, the 33-year-old, also sees the diamond ring with her followers.

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“” There is a habit of returning souls that feel like home, “” Love Captioned my own post About engagement. “My fiance. Happiness of my life.”

Kate Bock and Kevin Love first met in 2015.

Kate Bock and Kevin Love first met in 2015.
(Photo by Astrid Staviraj / Getty Image for Chhotu Award)

The two met in 2015 after a photoshoot with the same photographer who introduced them New york post informed of.

The Canadian model, who performed eight consecutive times in the Sports Illustrated swimsuits, covered in July 2020 with Olivia Culpo and Jasmine Sanders. She Made her debut with the magazine in 2013.

“You know, I started modeling at a very young age,” she told Granthshala News last summer. “I was 12 when I first started. And then when I finished school, at the age of 17, I turned 18, I moved to Paris. It was a big change for me. I There was never an overnight sensation. Years of hard work have gone into my success and I have been ‘doing this for a long time. I really had to put all my time and energy into my goals.’

Kate Bock told us the most talked about She has a shot

“Yes, there were hard times, but I also knew that I loved it very much,” Bock continued. “I like to be creative and find new ways to get inspired. And that’s what I appreciate so much about my job. Whether or not you’re in front of the camera, you get this ability to be creative and take different kinds of avatars Is given.

“There were times when I was struggling and not feeling very good about myself. But I pushed through it because I loved what I’m doing. And I think there are people from whom you You can talk whenever you are going through a difficult time, it just helps, so more. They help you get through those challenges. “