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Fans of a certain TV show don’t have to worry about their Halloween costumes this year.

Every year, there’s always at least one costume that dominates Halloween. Whether it’s the Joker, Tiger King or the three-hole punch gym, it’s guaranteed that a lot of people will dress up like this on a holiday.


Based on its recent success, “Squid Game” could be this year’s big costume. Not only is the show incredibly popular, but its characters wear recognizable costumes that are easy to replicate.

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The show’s iconic red and green jumpsuits have become best sellers on retail sites like Amazon. Diversity Report. The masks worn by the show’s guards are also selling well.

However, due to the simplicity of the costumes, social media users are showing ingenious ways to recreate the look of the show without spending money on officially licensed costumes. Some users have even begun selling their versions of the show’s costumes on sites like Etsy.

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Of course, some users weren’t excited about the idea given how many Squid Games costumes they expect to see this year. A user posted a meme that depicts Homer Simpson sitting in a crowded bar, with masks from the show glued to everyone’s faces.

A user who was clearly feeling lonely posted a picture of an actual satirical costume, joking, “People are showing up at Halloween parties this year in their Squid Game costumes…or whatever…IDK, I didn’t watch the show.”

“Squid Game” is a South Korean drama on Netflix. The series revolves around a deadly competition where massively indebted people compete for a huge cash prize.