Starbucks is getting green.

The coffee giant is launching a “borough a cup” program, allowing customers to order their java in a reusable cup for a $ 1 deposit after the pandemic, suspending their respective cup policy during the series Permission is granted. Announced Tuesday.

Starbucks is testing a "Borough a Cup" program with reusable cups that will be approved upon return.  (Starbucks)

Starbucks is testing a “Borough a Cup” program with reusable cups that will be approved upon return. (Starbucks)

The two-month program will run at five stores in Seattle until May 31 and will allow customers to order hot or cold drinks in a reusable cup. Once they are finished, customers can scan the back cup at one of the participating store’s contactless kiosks and anyone returning the cup will receive a $ 1 credit and 10 bonuses via a Starbucks Rewards account Stars will be awarded.

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Starbucks discontinued its policy to allow customers to bring their own cups of coffee to the COVID-19 pandemic last year to prevent the spread of the virus. Customers are still not allowed to bring their cups to the store. The series instead partnered with Go Box and picked up the cups used to clean them in less than 48 hours through its own “Borrow a Cup” initiative.

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The chain says that a reusable cup replaces 30 disposable people, explaining that the effort is part of its ongoing plan to cut waste by 50% by 2030.

Starbucks says it is also partnering with Seattle-based Ridgewell, a company that will collect reusable and hard-to-recycle items from people’s homes to make it easier to reduce waste.