Startup that replaces pilots with robots raises $100M

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A new startup that transforms pilots into robots has received $100 million in funding.

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Reliable Robotics argues that, with many aircraft now being controlled automatically, that pilots are the most expensive aspect of cargo operations. Trucking is a monotonous and uninteresting task, which means it is also the source of most mistakes.

Its technology is intended to handle the taxi, takeoff, landing and parking portions of cargo flights – monitored remotely by licensed pilots in the control centre. it is claimed That autonomous aircraft could save airlines nearly $60 billion per year.


The company claims that it can auto-land on small landing strips in rural or remote areas without any additional infrastructure. In the future, this may extend to a scenario where passengers can also travel in remotely operated aircraft. In 2019, the company conducted an unmanned test flight over a “populated area” without a pilot using a Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

a year laterWith this, the company achieved fully automatic remote landing of the large Cessna 208 Caravan, which can carry up to 14 people.

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Self-driving and flying, the technology has many supporters, but it has also been a cause for concern.

In April this year, it was claimed that Tesla’s self-driving technology could be “easily spoofed” when no one is sitting in the driving seat. There have also been reports of

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has also said it is formally investigating Tesla and its partially automated driving system after it failed to find emergency vehicles, including ambulances and fire engines.

As for the planes, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is monitoring Credible and similar companies, but has approved several experimental unmanned craft.

“We appreciate our public-private partnership with the FAA and NASA as we work to integrate our remotely operated aircraft systems into the airspace. We intend to bring unprecedented safety and reliability to today’s commercial aircraft. Reliable Robotics co-founder and CEO Robert Rose was quoted by TechCrunch.

“The close collaboration with our public institutions, strong support from visionary investors and keen interest within the cargo industry further accelerate our mission to expand access to air transportation for all.”


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