When talking to Communist Party officials about the recent Biden administration’s efforts to restart the 2015 nuclear deal by the State Department, the Chinese government confirmed or even confirmed statements pointing to the US government The State Department is also refusing to confirm that.

Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zaxu held a phone conversation with the US Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malle at the latter’s request and the two sides exchanged views intensively on the Iranian nuclear issue, “China’s Foreign Ministry Announced At the end of last week.

When asked to confirm the press release and provide more details about Mali’s negotiations, the State Department on Sunday ignored the first Washington Free Bacon emails, stating, “Special Envoy Rob Mali Congress, allies, allies and Others are in the early stages of engaging members. ” The State Department would not provide any details when pressed to specifically address the negotiations with China.

Generally, the State Department provides reporters with readouts of conversations conducted by senior US diplomats with their counterparts, especially if those negotiations are conducted at the request of the United States.

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