Steam beta appears to disable old versions of games

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The change could have a serious impact on modders and speedrunners

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The beta version of the upcoming Steam patch removes the ability to downgrade to older versions of the game.

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Steam is currently testing an upcoming beta version of its software. SteamDB A change has been observed in how clients connect to content delivery networks that may prevent users from switching to an older version of the game. This can have a significant impact on speedrunners and mod users. Games are usually only downgraded by users when they want to use a fast-moving exploit that has been patched out or use mods that rely on an older version of the game.

SteamDB The change explained in detail. “This method takes the App ID, Depot ID, Manifest ID, Branch Name and Branch Password. All these parameters must be matched to the current App Info to return a valid Manifest code, if something doesn’t match, or you This will return accessDenied results if you are not the owner of the game. When a non-zero code is received, it is appended to the manifest download url. If a valid request code is provided, the manifest can be downloaded otherwise the content server returns an unauthorized error.”


Some users may be concerned about the change for various reasons. It is necessary to keep older versions of games around for archival and historical reasons, especially in an era where server shutdowns can make the game unplayable. SteamDB He says he believes the change will only affect the consumer side of the system, as developers should still access older builds through the partner site and roll them back if necessary. However, this still means that users have no way to access older builds unless developers provide specific access routes.

The change will not affect how users access the beta or experimental builds, which will continue to work as of the present.

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