special: Rep. Elys Stefanik is receiving “encouragement” from supporters across the state as she considers whether she has to mount a Gubernatorial bid in New York in 2022, after advisors said she is “ruling nothing,” Granthshala News learned is.

Stefanik, whose congressional districts represent Watertown, Plattsburgh and Glen Falls, is receiving support “from all corners of the state” according to his senior adviser Alex DeGrasse. Degrace comes in because of the strong reaction Stephanic “would immediately have to be the strongest Republican candidate in both a primary and general Guberni election.”


The four-day congress “continues to set a record as the most prolific New York Republican fundraiser in state history, earning the strongest performance in the ballot box cycle in a row since the election day cycle,” said Degrass “She Appreciates widespread encouragement and does not rule out anything – nor will he make his own decisions based on the timing of others. “

Come after the comments Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-NY, formally announced that it would run against Governor Andrew Andrew in 2022.

DeGrasse said Stephanic believed “it is a testament to the strength of the Republican Party in New York that many other high-quality candidates are running or considering running.”

Zeldin is the first prominent Republican to launch a challenge against a three-term Democratic governor of New York who faces sexual harassment charges from 10 female convicts. The allegations have triggered an independent investigation by the state’s Attorney General and an impeachment investigation in the state assembly. Cuomo is facing a federal investigation into the state’s investigation of COVID deaths in nursing homes amid a coromovirus epidemic.

Zeldin, a staunch ally of former President Trump and the state’s 1st congressional district in the eastern half of Long Island, made his announcement in a live interview on “Granthshala & Friends.”

On “Granthshala and Friends” Zeldin said, “I’m running for Governor of New York in 2022.” “We are going to win this race.”

He Added: “I’m all in, we’re all in.”

Andrew Julian Tales of Granthshala News ‘Critically Counseling’

Granthshala News reported earlier this week that Trump allies were quietly rallying behind Zeldin in support of him, urging him to bid Gubrani.

Zeldin met with former President Trump in Mar-a-Lago last month.

A day after Andrew Giuliani, the son of former New York City mayor and ex-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, Zeldin’s formal announcement told Granthshala News Thursday that he is “strongly considering” the governor.

Giuliani – who worked in the Trump administration as a special assistant to the president and as associate director in the Office of Public Liaison at the White House – said he has been fielding calls from donors in recent days and weeks, and I ” Trying “to decide whether to do the right thing or not. “

After Zeldin’s formal announcement on Thursday, Zulin told Granthshala News that he “clung to his time,” and would make a decision after April 19, when Albany was voted by New York State Republican Party President Nick to the New York County Party Chairs will be invited. Langworth, as well as to “pitch” to “potential candidates”.

“I’ll decide on that point,” Giuliani said. “I am strongly considering it.”

Zeldin has the largest amount of TRUMP as merchants

New York does not have gubernatorial boundaries, and Kyomo announced in May of 2019 that he would run for a fourth-leg state run in 2022.

While New York is a reliably blue colored state where Cuomo won a reunion for a third term in 2018 by a massive 23-point margin, the governor has been severely wounded politically by double scandals. Cuomo, which won national acclaim for its efforts in battling the epidemic from Democrats and the media early last year, now faces a growing chorus of possible impeachment as well as Republicans as well as Democrats resigning.

More than 135 state lawmakers and nearly the entire congressional delegation from New York – including most Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kristen Gibbrand – have urged Cuomo to step down.

Cuomo is opposing those calls for resignation as he continues to insist that people should wait until the results of the Attorney General’s investigation before making up their minds and passing judgment. Although he apologized for making some women uncomfortable, he denied that he had ever touched a woman improperly.

The governor and his office have also insisted on cover-up allegations of nursing home deaths, denying that the nursing home fatal data had been altered.

Granthshala News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.