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Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller criticized the Biden administration over its immigration policies, calling it “outrageous” and “false” propaganda coming from the White House on Friday’s “Jesse Waters Primetime.”

Stephen Miller: The communists never dreamed that propaganda would be so outrageous and false as the one that comes out of the White House every day. Let me break it down for the White House as simply as possible so that a 5 year old can understand it. When Donald Trump was president, if people came here illegally, they were sent back home. with Joe Biden In office, he is released to go anywhere across the United States. This is the reason why people are coming in such numbers that no nation has ever seen in human history. And in addition to the millions of illegal aliens arriving in our country, consuming our resources, education, public benefits, hospital and medical services, you have modern-day slavery. Child sex-trafficking. You have violence and death on a scale never before seen at any point in our nation’s history. He is evil. This is a result of Joe Biden’s open border policies.


Illegal Immigrants Entering the US Since Biden’s Office Cost Taxpayers $20+ Billions a Year: Analysis

Now you have a situation where only 50 illegal immigrants out of the millions who inhabit our country are deported to Martha’s Vineyard, the epicenter of the wealthy, far-left Democrats who fund the Democratic Party, and They couldn’t handle it. twenty four hours Fifty illegal immigrants were deported by the military after arriving less than a day later. Whether you’re talking about Mark Zuckerberg or Bloomberg or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, wealthy Democrats want to stay as far away as possible. illegal immigrants, intruders That they are pushing into the neighborhood of the poor and working class.

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