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Conservative legal group founded by the former trump Adviser Stephen Miller requested that the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General investigate the circumstances surrounding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memo last week that he pledged to mobilize. FBI and other DOJ institutions against parents opposing the Critical Race Theory in public schools.

“Targeting parents at local school boards is atrocious. There is no legitimate basis for doing so. There is no federal nexus that would be associated with an investigation like this,” Miller told Granthshala News on Sunday. America First Legal OIG request. “It’s not even a half-hearted attempt to suggest that this was done for a legitimate law enforcement purpose.”


“It seems pretty clear that it’s meant to silt free speech and scare parents into being quiet and obedient.”

Mark Levine: AG Garland signs ‘one of the most serious violations of your freedom’ with school board memo

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Garland asked federal law enforcement officials last Monday to meet with local leaders and discuss what she described as the recent “disturbing spike in threats of harassment, intimidation and violence” against teachers and school board members. ordered. Garland’s memo directed the FBI to lead a task force to address threats against school officials, including creating a centralized way to report threats.

The past year has been marked by viral videos of parents protesting during school board meetings over the implementation of the crucial race theory curriculum, as well as mandates stemming from the coronavirus, such as face mask requirements. Garland’s memo comes just days after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to President Biden saying that conflict between school boards and parents could be “domestic terrorism”.

Miller said in his comments to Granthshala News, “The purpose of our request is to document this attack on the parents concerned. And both to produce public evidence records to ensure that the parties responsible are held accountable.” May go.” “Also, it will empower parents who are persecuted to have remedies, legal remedies.”

McConnell slams Garland for school board memo, says parents’ protest is ‘democracy, not a threat’

“But in addition, the Inspector General of Inquiry may then engage in the type of investigation that may lead to internal disciplinary action. And of course, as is always the case with any investigation, other legal remedies, as appropriate.”

Miller described the CRT in 2021 as the “animating principle of the American Left” that has touched on most aspects of policies in the country.

DOJ launches effort to deal with threats of violence against school officials

“The fingerprints of the CRT are everywhere. Health policy, education policy, economic policy, social policy. Just take a moment and think for a second: Leftists now talk about every issue in the context of the critical race theory. “

“You’ve seen in congressional hearings, lately, members of the Left make an incredibly bizarre point,” Miller said, pointing to abortion, “that anything that limits access to abortion, and systematic Evidence of racism. In addition to being face-to-face and untrue points of view, it is particularly ironic, given the racist origins of the abortion movement and the epoch-making history of the abortion movement, which denied the fundamental truth of human equality.”

Garland’s memorandum has also drawn sharp criticism from other conservative politicians and pundits. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Even writing a letter to the attorney general asking what his recent memo on the “harassment” and “intimidation” of school officials by parents.

“The ominous rhetoric of your memo does not reflect the reality we have seen in schools across the country in recent months,” McConnell wrote.

Writer and radio show host Mark Levine also addressed the memo during a scathing monologue “Life, Freedom and Levin” on Granthshala News.

“The Bill of Rights is being attacked by US Attorney General Merrick Garland and his staff, and now we have learned, it is in a coordinated attack by Joe Biden’s staff as well as others in the White House to try being attacked and silenced parents and taxpayers, citizens of this country who elect their school boards, who send their kids to these classes because they poison, rot your children taught from Kindergarten to class XII are challenging radical Marxist propaganda,” Levine said on his show Sunday, “and apparently this is too much for him to bear.”

DOJ officials defended Garland’s memo during a Senate hearing last week. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clark said the DOJ does not see parents as a threat, and the memo focused only on threats and intimidation.

“The First Amendment is a core value of our democracy,” Clark said. “The Attorney General’s memorandum pertains to threats against public servants and states that threats against public servants are not only illegal, they are against the core values ​​of our country.”