House Minority Whip Steve Scalise is criticizing the proposed $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus incentive bill, calling the proposal “truly disastrous for America.”

Scale, R-La., To argue against joining Harris Faulkner on “The Faulkner Focus”, which Bill called “liberal pork”. He It also called for the reopening of US schools for in-learning.

Dame’s $ 2T coronavirus bill received as a job killer, taken out of home billboard panel

REP. STEVEL SCORE: I hope everyone in America is taking a look at some generous pork in this bill and what they are all trying to do in the name of COVID relief. And boys, we must run through it. Haven’t we heard this before? ‘You know, you know what it is, got to pass the bill.’ You are going to explore a lot of things that bother a lot. Less than 10% of the $ 1.9 trillion bill is for public health.

'Many things' in the incentive bill have nothing to do with 'COVID-19 relief': Maria Bartiromo

We should open every school in America right now. There is money to do it. There is still more than $ 60 billion from previous bipartisan bills to safely reopen schools. They are going to give another hundred billion dollars. And you saw the President’s spokesman yesterday. He said that they do not need to open schools, they just get money. They do not have to educate our children in the classroom, which is devastating millions of children across America.

This bill is truly disastrous for America. We need to defeat it and help families and small businesses open back and focus on opening schools back.

The budget office of Congress says that schools’ money, 95 percent of that money, will not be spent till 2022. Do you really want to delay opening even more schools by next year? If you vote for this bill, any member of Congress votes for it that the opening of the school is delayed and just give money that we do not have, which will be borrowed from our children and financially Will slow growth.