Strong Trump supporters choose head Michigan Republican Party

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    WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. – Ron Weisser, a wealthy real estate developer from Ann Arbor, was on Saturday elected president of the Michigan Republican Party, a vice-chair who created uproar among some of the party’s factions as he was backed by former President Donald J. Trump.

    The vote of more than 2,000 party representatives did little to fix the deep divide in the party that surfaced this week when party president Laura Cox, for the past two years, jumped back into the race at the last minute, saying that Mr. . . Weiser used $ 200,000 in party funds to pay a candidate to run out of the Secretary of State race in 2018.

    The election partially hinged on who Mr. Trump’s more loyal supporters were, with Mr. Weser’s supporters saying that Ms. Cox had failed the party when Joseph R. Biden Jr. won the state by more than 154,000 votes, excluding a major state run for Mr. Trump in 2016.

    Mr. Weser, who is also a member of the University of Michigan Board of Regents and a prolific donor to both the Republican Party and the university, has also served as president of the state party twice before, from 2009 to 2011 and 2017 to 2019.

    He Won election to party chair by two-to-one ratio. In a statement after the vote, he said: “Yesterday’s clashes are over. Our focus now rests on the great challenges we face: rebuilding our party, “and defeating Gov. Gechen Whitmer and other Democratic state officials he called” far left radicals. “

    But Mr. To what extent the fight for loyalty to Trump is justified, according to her choice for the party’s vice president position around Mr. Weser, Meswon Maddock, who formed the Michigan Conservative Coalition and is the female chief for Trump in Michigan.

    She Michigan was a vocal opponent of the election results and held protests at the TCF Center in Detroit, while absentee ballots were being counted there. She Spoken at a January 5 Trump rally in Washington and held dozens of Trump supporters leading the rally on January 6, which preceded the attack on the US Capitol.

    When she condemned the violence at the Capitol, her involvement in events leading to the riots led students and faculty members at the University of Michigan to sign petitions calling on Mr. Weiser to resign from the Board of Regents, a seat he was chosen. In 2016.

    His inclination for the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party is another sign that the party at the state and local levels is still largely in the grip of the former president.

    Also elected to leadership positions were two women, Marian Sheridan and Diane Shindlebeck, who formed a Michigan Trump Republican with Ms. Maddock after being elected in 2016. The group organized rallies, caravans and forums across the state to support them again. -Selection bid.

    The Republican Party’s political adviser, Tom Shields, said, “The Republican Party has evolved into the Trump Party, and from Weiser’s point of view, it has brought a lot of new people into the party, and it’s their job to keep them there.” With Marketing Resource Group. “And it is smart to use Meswon as a drain for grass roots.”

    The race to lead the Michigan Republican Party was thrown into disarray this week, when the current president, Ms. Cox, targeted Mr. Weser for what he called a party official for “sluggish payouts” so he was thrown out Go Race for Secretary of State in 2018.

    Ms. Cox claimed that Mr. Weser had sent $ 200,000 dollars to Strot Gratt, clerk of Shelby Township in Macamon County, so that Mary Trader Lang had no opposition to the Republican nomination for Secretary of State, Ms. Cox said. She Stated that this is not only immoral but may also be a violation of state campaign finance laws. She Turned his complaint to Secretary of State, Jochley Benson, a Democrat who could open an investigation into the state Republican Party.

    “If you think what Ron did is okay, then vote him out,” Ms. Cox wrote in an email to party representatives on Thursday. “If you don’t want back room deals and secret payments, then vote me.”

    In a social media post, Mr. Weser described Ms. Cox’s accusations as “a shameful attempt to destroy our party with baseless and reckless conspiracy theories, so that she can return to the race for the chair and save her salary.”

    He Said that the money given to Mr. Groot was for organizing the work done in Macomb County, a major Republican stronghold during the 2018 election cycle.

    On social media, Ms. Maddock called Ms. Cox “bitter, agonizing that failed our president in the 2020 elections.”

    Ms Cox told delegates that if she gave the party’s executive committee a chance to change the name at its next meeting, she would resign from her post in April.

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