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During his latest “My Take,” “Warney & Company.” Host Stuart Varney discusses the negative effects of COVID on office workers: President Biden declares end of pandemic,

Stuart Varney: office workers returning, Pickup is going on since Labor Day.


The media sees a trend. Wall Street Journal headline: “Office working rates hit highest level since early 2020.”

this is true. Twenty-seven percent of office workers are back in 10 major urban areas. But that’s certainly no reason to celebrate.

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Told another way, only half have returned.

Even if you check the three middle days of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, it’s still only a 55 percent return.

Working from home improves office diversity, JPMorgan CEO Dimon is wrong

Despite employers being strict, and the end of masking and social distancing, the office looks nothing like it did before the pandemic.

Think about the consequences: Businesses that rely on office workers are still in trouble with the pandemic.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Barber Shops, Convenience Stores. How do they make good money when half their customers are gone?

What will happen to the commercial rent? Employers don’t need all the space they used to occupy, so why should they pay for it?

Most US workers say remote work options influence job offer decisions: Report

The city’s tax revenue has plummeted, and unless taxpayers come back, they’re not going back.

The president says the pandemic is over. OK, but the negative effects persist and can be permanent.

millions of people like work from home facility,

Even if 90% of employees are back in the office, you will still be 10% less than in 2020, and that has an impact.

Our cities will still be in peril.