Subversive art duo Gilbert and George’s tribute for King Charles

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RTIST duo Gilbert and George plan to pay tribute to King Charles III in their new gallery space in east London.

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The pair are building a permanent gallery and studio in Spitalfields near their home. “We wanted to celebrate the opening of the Gilbert and George Center during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II so that it would be part of the design,” George said last night at a talk by the Sarbande Foundation. “Now, of course, we’ve changed that.” It appears to contain “ER”, the royal seal of Elizabeth.

Despite their useless work, they claim to be “normal, decent people” who support the royals. “We found that the artists around us were anti-monarchical. It’s exhausting!” said George.


The gallery has taken a while to open. “We hope it opens up for William before turning it into ‘WR'”, joked George.

Art Patz as R Patz’s turn upsets some

Robert Pattinson will curate Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction in New York (Sotheby’s/PA)

Actor Robert Pattinson has upset some in the art world by serving as a curator at Sotheby’s. The star of Barnes helped select the paintings for sale in New York the following week. “What will he know about art?” An online skeptic came as a surprise. In a promotional video, Pattinson says that his acting is inspired by art, and that once he saw a sculpture he realized “this is what I’m trying to do as a performance”.

Liz Truss: The New Tina?

Prime Minister Liz Truss addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York

, Getty Images

Despite a less than expected victory in the PM race, Liz Truss is building a team of believers. As Sky reports, sacking former Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, Truss told him he was “probably the best communicator in government”, but supported Rishi Sunak, saying “there was no place in the inn”. Thatcher fans could adopt Truss Iron Lady’s other ‘Tina’ nickname: There’s no choice.

Amsterdam in Leicester Square

Stars Margot Robbie and Christian Bale were at the premiere of the new film Amsterdam in Leicester Square last night. Co-stars Andrea Riseborough and Rami Malek also said Robbie this week that the photos of him filming the Barbie movie in neon outfits were “the most humiliating moment of his life”. In Mayfair, Naomi Harris went to a preview of the “Brilliant and Black” jewelry show at Sotheby’s. At the V&A, Bill Nighy was in private view of a new exhibition on modern Korea with curators Eugene Choi and Rosalie Kim.

blunt still behind tap

Sophia Blunt, James Blunt and guests attend the Notting Hill eatery E+O’s 21st birthday celebration on September 21, 2022 in London, England.

, Dave Bennett

James Blunt accompanied his wife Sophia to the Notting Hill restaurant’s 21st birthday party last night. The busy singer told us that he also works “three nights a week” at his second job as a landowner at Fox and Pheasant in Chelsea. Has this caused an alcohol problem, we asked? “Why do you think I have a pub?” They laughed.


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