The 2021 Super Bowl is upon us, meaning a myriad of big budget, high-profile commercials in between gameplay.

This year, competition for the best and worst Super Bowl commercials is unlike anything before, with regular staples like Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Budweiser sitting out of the game, with Sleepers fans like Squarespace, Pringles and Chipotle They have come out swinging.

For such a highly coveted ad space, Is estimated at $ 5.5 million For a time of 30 seconds in front of a massive Super Bowl Sunday audience, 2021 will see some high points as well as some shockingly low points for the price. Even before the big game, some companies have already released advertisements that they plan to run during the big game.

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A detailed description of some of the best and worst Super Bowl 2021 commercials is presented below to help the future generation know what to do and what not to do when designing such a big-budget ad. :



Based on the star power of real-life married couple Ashton Kachar and Milla Kunis, the popular snack food company helped the couple with the cover of their hit song “It Was Me” to help singer Shaggy. As Kunis uses jam to avoid sitting on the hot seat for her husband’s dinner.

The commercial receives high marks for executing the toe, humming the audience with the song and longing for Cheeto even after the commercial ends.

Uber eats

Former “Saturday Night Live” dynamic duo Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey reunite as their iconic “Wayne World” characters, helping Uber Eats prepare people for breakfast for the big game.

The two discussed their roles from inside Wayne’s basement and said how big a year 2020 was for the coronovirus, dancing around the legality of using the term “Super Bowl”. The resulting commercial is a staple dose of apathy aimed right at the hearts of “SNL” fans.


If you reliably lean on the crowded Dolly Parton, it’s hard to go wrong with your commercial. The website-making service is dropping an advertisement on the “9 to 5” singer’s iconic song “Script to Flop” about working people.

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The commercial encourages viewers to follow their passion by building a website in their off time that can turn their hobby into something that replaces their regular 9 to 5 job. With an inspiring message and the singing of a veteran singer, it is an easy addition to the 2021 Best List.

Amazon alexa

Everyone’s favorite home assistant is getting an upgrade and Amazon is making people excited about it by showing fake upgrades.

When a woman sees an innovative new product, she cannot help but wonder what would be the better form to take it. She This year People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Michael B. Land fast on Jordan. The commercial sees her daydreaming around her home lusting after her new robot – to her husband’s downfall.

This place is hilarious and uses her celebrity quite a lot.

Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade

The brand makes a hilarious use of the age-old phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

People stand around an outdoor gathering, which is behind all of us. Since they remember what happened in 2020, they were reminded of the deluge of lemon people to make lemonade this year.

People literally look at the sky as lemons stare them in the face and wreak havoc on weddings, sporting events, work life and other things.


Scots and Miracles-Grow

One positive thing about Super Bowl commercials is that A-list celebrities are looking to lend themselves, otherwise they would be great. However, unlike Michael B. Jordan and the boys of “Wayne Worlds”, Scots and Miracle-Gro found a way to pack the most famous celebrities ever in any commercial without using them well.

COCA-COLA’s ICIC SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL filmed with “MEAN”, and very good for this film

Certainly it’s fun to watch John Travolta gaggle “Greece” and “The Office” star Leslie David Baker, but it’s ultimately the amount of blurry advertising that doesn’t successfully market the product or remain memorable.


In 2021, neither comedy nor star power was appropriate for Chipotle. The commercial tells his sister about the idea of ​​a burrito that is about a world-changing burrito as the camera takes the viewer on a trip to the farm in America. Fresh material that makes up a specific Chipotle Burrito.

While the food sounds delicious, it is not clear exactly what the commercial is other than fresh ingredients. It does not make the connection between sustainable, organic farming and halt in your local Chipotle, it seems that it does.

Michelle Chloe Ultra

Another commercial that looks to lean on nostalgia, Michelo Ultra takes viewers on a journey through sports history, with some veteran athletes looking smiling, with the occasional modern athlete enjoying a beer. The advertisement is well done and the message is somewhat inspirational, but it is far from a memorable commercial demanding Super Bowl.

Stella Artois

The Lenn Kravitz teams introduced the concept of “heartbeat” to the world by teaming up with the popular beer brand for a popular music venue.

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Based on the notion that a human is born “with 2.5 billion heartbeats,” Kravits encourages viewers to invest in those billions of people and experiences. If it sounds vague and a bit, it doesn’t hold water, because it really isn’t. However, the animation and music are solid, they are just packaged in a commercial that doesn’t know what it wants to say.

Frito Lay

This commercial knows its audience, bringing in a short sketch of former NFL players like Ellie and Peyton Manning, as Marshawn Lynch did in the poem “Superstar Bowl the Night Before the Super Bowl.”

While it is fun to see some sports celebrities participating in a fun ad, the spot is seen in about 2 minutes, long after it is placed in some Super Bowl commercials. The length only allows viewers to ask important questions, such as why is a Christmas-themed commercial happening in a game in February that is notorious?