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US military personnel serving their countries overseas are being felt back home with supply chain shortages, as commissariats and exchange stores at both foreign and domestic bases warn of limited supplies.

“Right now, the flow of products into our stores overseas is below preferred levels, but is flowing,” Defense Commissary Agency spokesman Kevin Robinson said. stars and stripes, which published an image of completely bare shelves taken by an American airman.


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“Our customers will see some holes in the shelves as we continue to work with our distributors to better get our products, especially for our stores in Europe and the Pacific,” warns Robinson.

Back in the US, military exchanges are also feeling tense. Veterans Authority Earlier this month it was reported that the Navy Exchange Service Command had warned of shortages of some products for grocery and holiday shopping, particularly items containing microchips or raw materials such as glass or aluminum.

exchange service

Last month, Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri reported that the lack of a supply chain was killing his commissary as well.

Fort Leonard Wood Assistant Commissioner Officer Ricardo Edelman said in a report posted, “Our supply of goods has been affected by two major factors: there are not enough drivers available for our regular deliveries, who move to delay loads. Sometimes for two days.” Feather us Armywebsite of.

fort leonard wood

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He continued, “The other is a reduction in our order volume due to production issues at major plants and manufacturers (chicken, oil, condiments, canned goods) – in some cases we have removed a line of product altogether ( from) a brand.”

Beth Pritchard, general manager of the Fort Leonard Wood Exchange, said, “Like all retailers, the exchange has been adversely impacted by unprecedented supply chain disruptions around the world. We are working on increasing inventory levels to provide ongoing merchandising availability to service members and their families. Let’s continue to fight for our unfair share. Around the world.”