Surprise surprise! The supreme court is coming for women’s rights after all

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Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask how many children you can produce for your country

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It seems that”frenzy“After all the women were right. For the past few years anyone who worried that civil rights in America would be influenced by a right-wing Supreme Court has been dismissed as a coward. The Supreme Court is above partisan politics. Yes, we’re told. Brett Kavanaugh, who understands “Carpool Dad,” was not interested in reversing Roe v Wade, we were told, The fact that People of Praise, the Christian community where Amy Connie Barrett previously served as “handmaid” (her term for a female leader), was anti-abortion and would expel members for gay sex, This will not affect his decisions at the Supreme. Court, we were told.

We were told, as was always clear, a pack of lies. On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court considered the most important case of abortion in a generation. Its final decision, in June 2022, could overturn Roe v Wade and end America’s constitutional right to abortion. If it does, and there appears to be an increasing likelihood that it will exceed 65 million American women will immediately lose access to abortion in their home state, thanks to “trigger laws” in place in 20 states. But don’t worry, Justice Barrett said, forcing women to give birth isn’t barbaric at all: If you don’t want to be a mother, you just can. put the child up for adoption, Very easy.

Women still worry about talking about their abusers, they will lose their lives. Arwa Mahdvi

The right-wing attack on American reproductive rights is not happening in a vacuum. Countries around the world are intensifying efforts to force women to have children. a new report, welcome to gilead, by a UK-based charity called Population Matters, has warned that women’s rights are under attack around the world because of “pervasive, political pressure for women to have more children, no matter the cost”. . According to UN data cited by the report, the percentage of countries with pro-birth policies increased from 10% in 1976 to 28% in 2015.

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Pro-birth policies can, of course, be a good thing. No one is arguing with policies that make it easier to have children, such as affordable childcare and parental leave. The problem, as the report notes, is the fact that “an increasing number of politicians are adopting a new, genuinely coercive strategy to boost birth rates: making it difficult for people to access sexual and reproductive health care.” For example, Poland implemented an almost complete abortion ban last October. now, according to The Associated PressWomen’s rights activists are concerned that the government is trying to track every pregnancy in a national database that could be used to help prosecute women whose pregnancies do not end in live birth. The Polish parliament is also hearing a proposal to make “”Institute of Family and DemographicsWhich could restrict divorce in an effort to raise Poland’s birth rate. The head of the institution would have access to pregnancy data and the power to approve divorce. Welcome to Gilead, indeed!

Several factors are at play in global pro-birth policies. There is definitely an old-fashioned misconception. But as Population Matters director, Robin Maynard has put it: “Coercive pro-birthism is not merely an expression of patriarchy or maltreatment, but may be a product of political and economic forces that are completely indifferent to women, for whom They exist only as a productive or productive unproductive womb.”

For example, capitalism is needed for cannon fodder: it can be hard to grow your economy if you don’t have a steady supply of cheap labor. And ethnocentrism is fueling pro-natalism, too: Hungary’s populist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has repeatedly called for the far-right “Great Substitution” doctrine to advance “reproduction, not immigration”. Orban has promised that women who have four or more children will never pay income tax again, adding: “We want Hungarian children. Migration is a dedication to us.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoan, who abortion Wrights has stated that she believes “a woman is a mother above all” and condemned attempts to promote birth control as “unpatriotic”.

Once again, what is happening in America is not happening in a vacuum: it is part of a global attack on women’s rights. Earlier this year, the former US Vice President Mike Pence said at a summit On demography in Budapest that the “falling birth rate” “represents a crisis that strikes at the very heart of civilization”. “It is our hope and our prayer that in the days to come, a new conservative majority in the Supreme Court of the United States will take action to restore the sanctity of life at the center of American law.” Pence said, Right has been planning for this moment for a very long time. They are coming for your “non-productive womb” and they are not going to stop there.

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