‘Survivor 41’ Was Almost Filmed in Georgia or Hawaii

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survivor 41The premiere date is fast approaching, which means another action-packed season in beautiful Fiji — in fact, says Jeff Probst survivor 41 The most dangerous weather ever. However, the hit CBS show almost didn’t make it to Fiji this year thanks to COVID-19. In fact, Jeff Probst says that survivor 41 Almost was filmed in Georgia or Hawaii. Here’s why CBS chose to film the show in Fiji, what it lacks.

Why ‘Survivor 41’ almost happened in Georgia or Hawaii

survivor 41 Known for filming in beautiful Fiji, and before that, in many fascinating or challenging locations. However, the show has never been hosted in the US, and COVID-19 has almost changed it. Filming became so difficult that Georgie and Hawaii were being considered.


“It was March 2020 when we took the official decision to postpone shooting survivor 41 in Fiji. We immediately turned our full attention to looking for another location and even considered shooting domestically in Georgia or Hawaii.” Survivor Host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

“It was a daily battle of odd-even, as every time we thought we had a potential, COVID would escalate and we would be back to square one,” he said.

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“After trying to shoot in the summer and again in the fall of 2020, we finally made the decision to wait it out and resume production in Fiji in March of 2021.”

Shooting in Fiji was an uphill battle

Survivor 41's Jeff Probst says the show was almost shot in Georgia, not Physique
Jeff Probst on ‘Survivor’ | CBS via Getty Images

Although Jeff Probst and CBS were able to close Fiji for their location, it still faced a lot of challenges when it came to making it. survivor 41 a reality. Most importantly, the team had to work on the COVID protocol to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We worked with the Fiji government, which was essentially a large bubble that consisted of several islands – including tribe camps, challenge locations, tribal councils and base camps,” Probst explained.

“This expanding bubble will be our home for the next several months. Once each crew member and player has been isolated for 14 days and received a negative test, we can freely move between those islands without any risk. We were able to transfer, as it was only our crew and we were all safe.”

Unfortunately, due to different travel policies and outbreaks, Survivor The team was not able to fly in every crew member to help put the new season together. Probst said this is the biggest challenge because the team is like one big family.

Why film ‘Survivor’ in Fiji?

Jeff Probst of 'Survivor'
Jeff Probst of ‘Survivor’ | Robert Votes / CBS via Getty Images

Fiji became SurvivorWhen it comes to filming, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon. One reason why the money – filming in Fiji results in huge discounts for CBS and Survivor.

To newswirehandjob filming Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X And game changers Fiji received an FJD exemption of $13.9 million – approximately $6,300,000 USD.

“I think we have never paid such a huge discount,” Fiji’s Finance Minister Ayaz Saeed-Khaiyum said of the exemption.

“And it is a fact of the integrity of a lot spent by Survivor Series in Fiji and we are getting 47% of that spending and many Fijians have benefited when the show was shot in Mamanuka and Mana Island. . [sic],” she added.

“Fiji offers us everything we want. Incredibly beautiful water that you can see 30 feet below, beaches that are amazing, a government working with us, local workers who are ‘calling’ Like to say! Every day because they’re just glad you’re here. And our crew has never been that happy. We have a really cool place to do this show in the woods. It’s a win-win-win is,” Probst first told EW.

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