David Lee Huber, 55, is the alleged gunman in a shooting that left two FBI agents on Tuesday morning and injured three more when law enforcement officers attempted to warrant them in crimes against the children’s case, according to the FBI An official confirmed to Granthshala News Wednesday.

Huber, Joe Sunrise, Fla. While living in a Water Terrace apartment, he has not had many brushes with the law.

He Was cited for a Improper u-turn In 2016 while driving Hyundai in 2013. Earlier, he was cited for speeding in 2001 while driving a 1997 Honda. Both traffic violations occurred in South Florida.

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According to the record, Huber got divorced in 2016, at which point he entered into a joint parenting agreement with his ex-wife. It is not clear how many children he has.

His ex-wife could not be contacted for Wednesday’s comment.

He According to the Corporate Transparency Database, there was a computer consulting professional at one point opening a business called “Computer Troubleshooter” in May 2004 Open corporate. The address for the business was listed at Pembroke Pines, about 13 miles south of the Sunrise residence, where the shooting occurred on Tuesday.

Huber was also briefly a pilot, as he registered with the Federal Aviation Administration in May 1994 to fly commercial aircraft.

He There is no detectable social media presence.

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A law enforcement official told Granthshala News that Huber supervised law enforcement officers as they arrived at their home near 6:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, then opened fire on them through an unregistered door.

FBI Special Agent, Daniel Alphin, 36, and 43-year-old Laura Schwartzenberger were killed. Two other FBI agents were shot and taken to a local hospital, one of which was released on Wednesday. Another FBI agent was hit by bullets but his injuries were treated at the scene.

After the initial gun fight, Huber barricaded himself in his apartment two hours later before killing himself, CBS Miami reports.

The warrant was described by the FBI as a “court-ordered federal search warrant for violent crimes against children’s investigations”, and both Schwartzenberger and Alphin specialized in crimes against children.

Granthshala News’ Jordan Early and Jake Gibson contributed to this report.