According to FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson, it appears that items belonging to Brian Laundry, including human remains and a backpack, have been found at a nature reserve in North Port, Florida.

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He said the remains were found in an area that had been underwater until recently.

FBI Tampa’s Evidence Response Team is using “all available forensic resources” to process the area. According to McPherson, it is likely that the team will be on the scene for several days.


“I know you have a lot of questions, but we don’t have all the answers yet,” he said in a statement to the media.

The discovery comes 37 days after Gabby Petito’s fiancée was last seen by her parents in the laundry.

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Earlier, the Sarasota County Medical Examiner and a cadaver dog were called to the park and aerial footage showed activity at Mykahatchy Creek Environmental Park near Carlton Reserve.

Family attorney Steven Bertolino said Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, informed the FBI and North Port Police Department on Tuesday night that they intended to come to the park on Wednesday morning. He said law enforcement met him on Wednesday morning.

Bertolino said that after a “brief search” at Laundry Repeat, the family and law enforcement found “some articles” related to him. He would not give any further details about what and how many items were found.

Bertolino said law enforcement is now investigating that area more thoroughly.

The Sarasota County Medical Examiner has been called to the scene, and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said a carcass dog and two spotters were also at the site. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office emergency response team and the Lee County Sheriff’s Office are also now on the scene, along with a mobile unit and a tent.

search comes between a exhaustive search for laundry Which is over a month now and as officers try to piece together what happened to Petito.

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is on 160 acres of heavily wooded land in North Port, Florida, with trails and a camping area. The park connects to the Carlton Reserve, a 25,000-acre nature reserve that has been the primary exploration location for investigators.

explorers previously used Swamp Buggy, Divers and Airboats To scrape marshy areas, but recently this area has dried up due to clear weather.

how did we get here

Petito, 22, and Laundry, 23, traveled the western US this summer in a white van, all regularly posting photos and stories on their social media pages. Those positions were abruptly closed in late August, and Laundry then returned to his home in North Point, Florida on September 1, where he lived with his parents.

Pettito’s family, not getting in touch with him, reported his disappearance 10 days later, launching a national search. Laundry refused to cooperate with the investigation into his whereabouts, and soon after, he too went missing. His family told investigators that they believed he had gone to a vast nature reserve nearby.

Petito’s Remains a. found in National Forest in Wyoming The couple was last seen together on 19 September. Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue termed his death a murder And said that he died by strangulation.

“We believe it was strangled by a human,” Blue told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Laundry is not explicitly linked to Pettito’s murder, but he is the subject of a federal arrest warrant For unauthorized use of another person’s debit card in the days after Petito last spoke with his family.

Although their social media posts seem idyllic, their relationship was full of tension and conflict in recent months. Petito called his mother regularly, and those conversations revealed that there was “greater tension” in Petito’s relationship, according to a police affidavit with a search warrant for an external hard drive found in the couple’s van.

In addition, the couple was involved in a domestic dispute and were Stopped by police in Moab, Utah in AugustAccording to audio provided by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office, the 911 caller told dispatchers that he saw a man hitting a woman.

In a Moab police report, another witness told police that he saw the couple arguing over the phone. The witness said that when he got into the laundry van, Petito hit him in the arm and then climbed through the driver’s door as if he had locked it, the report said.

After interviewing Petito, laundry and the witness, officers describe the incident as an argument that turned into a physical fight involving pushing and scratching.