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The world of real estate in the UK has changed in many ways in the decade that Global Guardian has been operating. When we started, our business model, company ethos and objectives were different from many of our colleagues working in asset protection, especially vacant property. But over the years, the importance of sustainability and being environmentally and socially conscious has been on the agenda for many in the industry, and we continue to strive to lead from the front, by example, in our field. .

Global Guardians is starting out managing a three-year, housing block of sheltered housing properties on behalf of a London council for 60 property guardians – working professionals who otherwise cannot afford housing so close to their jobs in central London Gave. Our CEO was on site for some time himself, to make sure it was secure from the start, and he chose each parent individually, to confirm that they were up to our company’s ethos and standards. were right. It is this care and attention to detail that has characterized the way our company’s employees operate to date. We care about our customers and we care about our parents.


Since those early days, Global Guardians has managed more than 1,200 different sites and buildings for nearly 150 different clients, and around 3,000 working professionals and key workers, in affordable, safe and comfortable living spaces. Was awarded. 70 percent of our clients were and still are public sector bodies and charitable organizations and 85 percent of our patrons are key workers. Many people really appreciated the role of key workers of the society till the Covid pandemic hit us last year and the term came into common parlance. However, we have always been aware of their importance and quiet dedication to doing their jobs, often at low wages, and helping them to live close to where they work so they can and from home on top of a No need for a long and expensive commute. Long and demanding days, or night shifts, have always been a motivating factor for us.

Our clients in the public or charity sector, and increasingly in the private sector, have rightly been assured that they are acting responsibly and financially by entrusting us their vacant properties, to manage and secure the knowledge they To put to an ethical and socially beneficial use of wanting to be with everyone happy.

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But our ethos all goes beyond this. We care about the buildings we secure too. Many are old and past their best, but that doesn’t mean they should be left to rot beyond repair, or demolished when they can provide much-needed, affordable housing. Sustainability has always been our keyword and it has never been more appropriate in today’s environmentally conscious world. With creativity, planning, expertise and a bit of work, very old properties can be given a new lease of life for providing safe, clean and warm places to live.

That’s what Global Guardians is all about. To protect our real estate for future generations and to help those in need.

Case study

A former residential care home was built around 1860 by Henry Harris, a building contractor, as his residence. It was acquired by the Salvation Army in 1935 for use as a home, and the garden was developed with shelter housing 1985–86. It originally housed some 27 residents and their caretakers.

The property is immaculately presented and resided in a quiet, leafy street in the sought-after residential area of ​​Clapham in South West London, near the delightful Clapham Common and 10 minutes from the Underground station.

Since being taken over by Global Guardians Management in the autumn of 2015, this property has spacious, impeccably kept, low cost housing for 28 working professionals and is an area where flats or houses for rent For more important workers, the offers have been helped by fast, direct access to central London. It is estimated that the area initially rents at nearly twice the license fee paid by parents, even those in this property, where their private room space is often larger than in more expensive smaller flats or HMOs elsewhere in Clapham More gardens without idyllic community areas.

With the owners still deciding how to make the best use of the building, this project is a worthwhile social effort by enabling people to collect a mortgage, aside from the regular To put savings or to drive a car, fund a hobby or other interest. This is a far cry from having to spend every available penny to rent and buy food, never mind struggling for a social life, which is often the case when individuals need to live near central London.

The entire site is also kept safe, secure and free from anti-social, malicious or criminal behavior that has bedeviled other large, vacant properties in the area – leaving such an immaculate property with, securing it with would-be neighbors and fencing or billboards around, sensible is impractical.

By having in situ property protectors, this old and beautiful building is kept safe and well maintained by Global Guardians, as well as preventing theft and other problems such as fly tipping. The cost of round-the-clock security guards and caretakers would otherwise be prohibitive and impractical, especially for a charity. Using Guardians has saved security costs of more than £700,000 so far and reduced insurance costs, and negated empty business rates, because the property now generates council tax, paid jointly by the occupants and the Global Guardians does. And because it has been managing this site for a charity, the Global Guardians’ leadership has turned into more than £100,000 being donated to the Salvation Army.

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