The Swedish government said on Thursday that it would launch a digital coronavirus “vaccine passport” to allow people vaccinated to travel.

Digitization Minister Anders Yagman said three officials in Sweden were asked to work on the production of the certificate, and plans to coordinate with the World Health Organization and the European Union.

Yagman said at a news conference that vaccination certificates would be needed to travel and “possibly participate in other activities” when Sweden and neighboring countries would reopen.

The Danish government said on Wednesday that it was joining forces with businesses to develop a digital passport, which would show if people were vaccinated against coronaviruses, allowing them to travel and ban public life Applying will help.

The Kold, created for the manufacture of this COVID-19 vaccine, has been made differently for Docator Wars.

Finance Minister Morten Bodeskov said at a news conference that “In three, four months, a digital corona passport will be ready for use, for example, business travel.”

“It is very important for us to be able to reinvent Danish society, so that companies can get back on track. Many Danish companies are global companies with the whole world as a market,” he said.

The Danish government said it would later decide whether the digital passport should be used for purposes other than travel to help reopen public life.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has weighed proposals to issue vaccinations certificates to allow travelers to visit their holiday destinations more quickly and avoid another devastating heat for Europe’s tourism sector. But the EU executive arm said such certificates would only be used for medical purposes, for example to monitor potential adverse effects of vaccines.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.