‘Synthetik 2’ gets first raw gameplay footage ahead of early access launch

Cult Roguelite Shooter Sequel Blasts in Early Access

Flow Fire Games has released new gameplay footage for synthetic 2, Revealing that the shooter will enter Early Access on August 19.

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The video shows alpha gameplay footage of a Riotguard Class character infiltrating a futuristic power plant form without using any items, perks, attachments or modules. synthetic 2 The full release will happen sometime in 2022.


Developed by Berlin-based studio Flow Fire Games, Synthetic: Legion Rising was a top-down shooter with roguelike elements. Players choose one of eight classes to fight through procedurally generated levels and defeat the Ultimate Defender.

The most noticeable change with this upcoming sequel is that the scene has shifted to an isometric view. This time around, Flow will also use Unity for the game engine instead of Fire Game Maker.

Another big change is the introduction of factions. According to synthetic universe Website, “New” artificial The universe is built around all the different factions of the world, human and machine, each with their own lore, units, strengths, weaknesses, principles, and technical arsenals. “

“In S2 you play as part of Human Disobedience and (in Early Access) will face both the Machine Military and the Police along with their respective sub-factions.”

It will nonetheless retain the same basic gameplay as the original. although Synthetic: Legion Rising When released on console, the FAQ says, “We are mainly working on correcting the PC release.”


“Once that’s done we can consider a release on console, the earliest date for that would be a full launch.”

Synthetic 2 is now available for wishlist Steam.

Elsewhere, Xbox Summer Game Fest will kick off next week with more than 40 game demos.

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