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The Taliban have promised land to the family members of suicide bombers who targeted US and Afghan forces, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry tweeted on Tuesday.

The tweet, posted in English, echoed an announcement made the previous day by Acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, who offered clothing and about $112 to dozens of male family members of the “martyr” attackers, who work for Islamic “jihad and sacrifice”. “Killed for.


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Spokesman Saeed Khosti also said that Haqqani considered the dead attackers “heroes of Islam and the country”.

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“Now you and I must refrain from betraying the aspirations of our martyrs,” Haqqani reportedly said.

Comments from the acting interior minister suggest that extreme aggression could now see a resurgence in the Taliban-ruled country – a move at odds with previous assurances after the fall of Kabul in August.

The US and its Western allies have warned the Taliban that they will not recognize its government as a legitimate legislative body if the Taliban allow terrorism and extremism to flourish.

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A meeting of Taliban leaders on Monday at a hotel in Kabul was the latest in a series of steps taken by the group to push Afghanistan towards radicalization that has not been seen since 2001.

The United Nations has predicted that the entire country could soon be in a dire economic situation and additional humanitarian aid would be needed.

The US has accumulated billions of dollars in Afghan assets after the Taliban takeover in accordance with US sanctions policies.

The Associated Press reported that international monetary organizations have withheld up to 75% of all financial disbursements dependent on the previous Afghan government.

The US has evacuated 124,000 Americans, Afghan allies and at-risk Afghans since the fall of Kabul.

The State Department has said it will continue to evacuate people still trapped in Afghanistan.

Granthshala News could not immediately reach the State Department for comment.