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Getr CEO Jason Miller said Facebook is facing a “beginning of the end” after reacting to the latest cover of Time magazine, which highlights Facebook’s calculations on “Morning with Maria” on Friday.

Facebook criticized for promoting Project 1619 content: ‘Totally irresponsible’


Jason Miller: I think it’s similar to goths sacking Rome, I think it’s the beginning of the end for Facebook.

In fact, two big buried leads from this week, one that’s too far from you, like in the whistleblower, is starting to take on Big Tech… but still Maria, I think most people like Big Tech. Didn’t realize the integration of Take control of your data, Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp owns, of course, with Facebook Messenger.

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As the system went down this week, people started to realize, ‘Wait a minute: A simple server upgrade or a system-wide upgrade stopped it all, the Nasdaq down 2%?’ It really is concerning that in a company one person controls so much.

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