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When our TVs were small, seeing black screens was no big deal. In the age of the cheap big screen, they are right before our eyes.

This is especially true if your TV is dusty and foggy. There’s a right way and a wrong way to clean your screen. Tap or click here for the steps you need to know to clean your screen without any scratches and streaks.


when tv is switched on FeatherYour settings play a role in how well what you’re viewing looks like. Tap or click for six quick steps to better picture quality.

And if you’re not seeing anything, why not display your favorite photos? Here are some easy ways to get things done straight from your phone.

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1. Roku Screen Mirroring

If you have an Android or Windows phone and a Roku device, you can use it to display photos on your TV. roku app. Note: This feature is not available for iPhone users.

Play on Roku is an app feature that allows you to choose which photos you want to view and load them directly to your TV. You can also share songs. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version, and make sure your phone is on the same wireless network as your Roku device.

Open the Roku mobile app, and select Tools App.

choose roku device You want to display photos.

tap media icon To launch Play on Roku.

to select music, photos or videos To select what you want to display.

Select your options, and your options will appear on your TV.

You can also use Screen Mirroring. It replicates everything on your TV to your phone. If you have a device that supports screen mirroring, make sure you’re running Roku OS 7.7 or later. It will be enabled by default. When you’re ready, select the Screen Mirroring option on your device. Tap or click here to find out which models qualify and in-depth instructions.

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Amazon Fire TVs aren't just for Prime Video.  You can be the star instead.

2. Amazon Fire TV

If you prefer Fire TV over Roku, you can display photos with this app as well. It’s straightforward as long as you have the Alexa app. Unlike Roku, you can do it on Android And iOS device. This way:

Open the Alexa app and tap more.

to select Adjustment > photos > Device.

Select your TV from the list.

Upload photos of your choice to display on your television.

Alexa is handy, but she can drive you up the wall. Tap or Click to Stop Some of Alexa’s Most Annoying Behaviors.

3. Chromecast

Like the Fire TV, you can cast your photos with the Google Photos app in a few easy steps. First, make sure your Google Photos app and Chromecast are fully updated. You also need to connect both to the same wireless network.

On Android:

Open Google Photos.

choose photo or album you want to display.

In the upper right corner, select mold.

Choose the right Chromecast.

Open Photos to display it on your TV.

On iPhone:

Open Google Photos, and sign in in your Google Account.

choose photo or album you want to put.

In the upper right corner, select mold And choose the right Chromecast.

Open Photos to display it on your TV.

This option is similar to screen mirroring on the Roku in that it casts your phone’s content directly to your TV.

You can also set ambient mode. When your Chromecast isn’t in use, it will display photos from your Google Account if you choose to. Tap or click for settings and instructions to get it up and running.

Don’t have any of these devices? Use your TV’s settings

If you have a smart TV, third-party extras like Roku and Fire TV aren’t absolutely necessary. So, if you have a smart TV and don’t have one of these devices, can you still display photos on your TV? most likely yes!

Depending on your TV brand and compatibility, you have a good chance of reaching a built-in option for displaying photos. If you have a Vizio or Samsung Smart TV, among many others, you can show pictures in seconds. Tap or click here for directions to your Smart TV.

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