‘Ted Lasso’ finale: A coach defects, a player finds peace, and what to expect in Season 3

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As Roy Kent might bark: “Oi, ‘Ted Lasso’ fans, listen up! Consider this your (blank) spoiler alert.”

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The finale of the second season of Apple TV+’s Emmy-scoring soccer dramedy (streaming now) reveals a turncoat coach, an entrepreneur, a peace player and a new puppy mascot for AFC Richmond, led by the fictional English Premier League soccer team was did. By Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), its pinch-happy Kansas-bred coach.

We’ve rounded up some of the “Lasso” team to discuss the head-spinning plot twist, explore the somber turn by feel-good hit, and look forward to Season 3 in 2022.


Let’s start.

Darkness descends on the lasso galaxy

When “Lasso” debuted in the summer of 2020, it was a hot and fuzzy TV hug, when the pandemic was raging and election nerves were raging. Fans and critics alike embraced the football coach’s inclusive wisdom from Midwestern football, from his handmade locker room posters (“Believe”) to his sage one-liners (“Be curious, don’t judge”).

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What a difference a year makes. The season ends on a chilling note, as Nate, after a vicious exit at Lasso, appears as the new coach of West Ham United, having recently been hired by AFC Richmond boss Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham). Bought by her ex-husband. The final close-up on Nate’s eyes recalls those chilling “Star Wars” shots of Darth Vader’s helmet. by design.

“This season was definitely ‘The Empire Strikes Back,'” says Bill Lawrence, the show’s co-creator with star Sudeikis, co-star Brendan Hunt (Yoda-like Coach Beard) and Joe Kelly. He says that the creative team had mapped out three seasons before the show started.

August 18, 2021: Ted Lasso's likeness is seen on TFO before the game between CF Montreal and FC Cincinnati at TQL Stadium.  The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

Adds Hunt: “We knew that Nate would end up working for the Empire in one way or another.” About a week before filming took place, she and Sudeikis were discussing Nate’s outburst with Lasso, “and Jason said, ‘You know, he has to rip that “trust” sign off.” I thought, well, that makes it clear where we’re going.”

happy ted. A message to fans of

Some “lasso” lovers — fans and critics alike — don’t shy away from expressing their disappointment toward the dark side of the show. Lawrence says that despite the show’s tagline, “kindness makes a comeback,” anyone expecting pure puppies and ice cream didn’t look hard enough on the characters.

Higgins (Jeremy Swift) of AFC Richmond has placed two Greyhound puppies who are in contention to be the team's next mascot in the Season 2 finale.

“At first it looked like people were saying, ‘If you want a show that will make you vomit up hugs and joy, watch ‘Ted Lasso,’ but let’s see: Lasso is in love with his wife, who makes him Leaving, a team owner with a vicious ex-husband, a diva football player with father issues, and an ex-star who doesn’t know what to do with his life in retirement,” he says. So for all of us, it was very confusing.”

Hunt says that while the show wanted to inspire, “it was never going to be an endless Carpenter album; it was about a lot of people going through stuff. It’s not a fantasy world.”

Using a brilliant oddball Coach Beard analogy, Hunt says that just like sponges in an aquarium grow to the extent of their range, “lasso” characters were previously seen in their individual boxes. But as the series unfolded, the writers expanded their worlds.

Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is comforted by team psychiatrist Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) in Season 2 of "Ted Lasso".

“The same thing that happened with Ted Lasso on the show, his expansion beyond those initial notions, happened with the ‘Ted Lasso’ show,” he says. “People thought it would be one thing, but no, it’s a lot more.”

‘Nate the Great’ isn’t so great

During the finale, you are hoping for a reconciliation between Ted and Nate, who has betrayed Lasso by revealing Ted’s panic attack to journalist Trent Krim (James Lance). But Nate doubles down on his anger and explodes on Lasso in a vitriolic screed that undermines his coaching and exasperates him for being a deceiver. Actor Nick Mohamed found the scene “disturbing for the film, but it’s all building up to it.”

Mohamed says that the root of Nate’s anger is “his toxic relationship with his father”, which has beensacked his son despite his new coaching success. “Nate has become, as a result, a bitter spirit spiraling out of control,” he says.

Father issues are an unremarkable theme in “Lasso”, whether it be star player Jamie Tart’s relationship with his abusive father or Rebecca’s unresolved issues with him, as uncovered at his funeral. Then there’s Lasso’s own atrocious relationship with a patriarch who took his own life, as Ted told team physician Dr. told Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles).

Coach Nate (Nick Mohammed) takes the AFC Richmond team to practice.  The character is set to play a pivotal role in season 3

And on a contrary note, player Sam Obisnya (Tohib Jimoh) has the advice of the always supportive father, who guides Sam to live in Richmond – and in Rebecca’s romantic places.

For Mohamed, Nate’s story arc is a sign that the “Lasso” writers have stepped in this season. “It’s hard to balance comedy and drama, but Nate is a story that challenges our audiences in a good way,” he says. “As Jason said, ‘Without darkness you can’t have light.'”

Lawrence echoes that point: “There was a speech earlier in the season where Lasso says that when you’re in a fairy tale, the world seems so nice and happy, but we’re going to enter the woods and it’s all right. Will be done.”

The Liberating Effect of Truth in Lasso World

Team Psychiatrist Fieldstone missing in finale(she said goodbye to him last week) but sends a message to Lasso. It’s a rebuttal of the familiar biblical “the truth will set you free.” Freedom through Truth resonates in the final episode of the season.

There is only one moment when Tart boldly tells team marketing boss Keely Jones (Juno Temple) that he still loves her. So does Tart’s bold decision to confess that love to Jones’ boyfriend, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), a former star player-turned-coach. After being cut from a magazine photo shoot with Jones, Kent tells her fellow coaches that she is hurt, because she seems more powerful and perfect without him. The feeling is only heightened when Keely receives word in the finale that someone wants to fund her own public relations shop.

In this Season 2 episode of "Ted Lasso", soccer player Jamie Tart (Phil Dunster) tells his ex-girlfriend Keely Jones (Juno Temple) that he still has deep feelings for her.

“It’s all about honesty and being on a journey with vulnerability,” says Niles, whose rigid wall of irreverent characterThere are cracks from which we see empty wine bottles. “All the characters are on a journey that requires them to work, with Ted experiencing his panic attacks in the finale.”

Fieldstone’s reserve is pierced by Lasso because “she doesn’t expect anyone to come into her private world the way she does. So in that sense you address this issue of people who are only the best parts of themselves.” Not the messy drawers of their lives. But each one of us has layers, and the show goes on that.”

Lawrence noted that Sudeikis “was eager to champion the issue of mental health and self-care before the sporting world exploded with Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles this year,” tennis and gymnastics stars who have been publicly exposed to mental health. citing was kicked out of the competitions. concerns. “Charming he was far ahead of that.”

If that was ‘Empire’, then ‘Return of the Jedi’ is next?

The writers of ‘Lasso’ are busy wrapping up Season 3. Though they are silent on the details, ‘Hopefully it will be as much about Rebecca vs Rupert as it will be about Ted vs Nate. We’ve deliberately let people forget about Rupert in recent episodes, but what’s clear is the final boss in some ways. “

Lawrence says that if Season 2 “was about people wrestling with their own demons, we’d be moving a little more toward conflict between people. Where’s the bad guy? Maybe it’s like Rocky on Apollo Creed”. going against, or maybe it’s Darth Vader?”

AFC Richmond team owner Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), left, laughs with friends Kelly (Juno Temple) and Sassy (Allie Taylor) during her father's funeral.

Strong female characters were a fresh staple of “Lasso”. Beyond the irreplaceable fieldstone, there was supportive camaraderie between Keely and Rebecca, as well as the truth-bombing of Rebecca’s childhood friend and occasional lasso fling, Flo “Sassy” Collins (Ellie Taylor). That emphasis won’t change next year, Hunt says.

“I think there are at least six or so women in the writers’ room now, and in addition to being great guys who are hilarious and have no interest in football, they’ve watched a ton of TV and know that two The female characters that rival the notion of the lead died out long ago.”

loose balls and other odds and ends

  • Despite playing the role of football coach on TV, Mohamed admitted that he is not much of a fan of the game. But he actually lives in Richmond, where the fictional team is based. “People on Twitter will say ‘Nate’s gone bad’, but in the street I get a lot of smiles and ‘Oh, there Nate’.”
  • As Niles was learning more about her character, she was told that her main means of transportation would be a bike. The only trouble was that Niles had never learned to ride one. Slowly, he got the hang of it. While he is still not sure of his character,Introduced this season, returning next year, his new skill is here to stay. “I wouldn’t say I’m an expert now, but I have a bike and it’s definitely one of the gifts of this job,” she says.
  • The show’s writers are keen to ensure that art imitates life. The final episode of the season saw Krim texting Lasso for comment on his “panic attack” story. At the end of the call, the reporter’s friendship with Lasso forces him to reveal the source of the leak: Nate. “After that I had journalists,” Lawrence says. “They all said, if a real journalist did that, he’d be fired. I’d just smile and say, ‘Yeah, watch the next episode.'”
  • At the end of Season 2, fans were left in an episode that focused entirely on Coach Beard’s drunken night on the town. The title “Beard After Hours” – in approval of the 1985 Martin Scorsese film “After Hours” – came after Apple demanded 12 episodes, up from the previous season’s 10; The other bonus show was…

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