Teen shot by San Antonio cop released from hospital after nearly 2 months

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A teen fighting for his life after being shot by San Antonio police has been released from the hospital after nearly two months, his family confirmed Wednesday.

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Eric Cantu — who was shot multiple times in a McDonald’s parking lot by Texas police officer James Brennand — was able to go home for the holidays and his family said their “prayers have been answered.”

“We are incredibly grateful that our son is home with us,” the family said in a statement Posted on Twitter by his attorney, Ben Crump. “Erik still has a long road to recovery but we are very pleased with his progress over the past two weeks.


“It means the world to us that we can spend Thanksgiving as a family outside the walls of the hospital where we have been living since Eric was badly injured.

“We are grateful for the many blessings this week – Eric’s strength, everyone who has supported us through Eric’s hospitalization and God’s grace. Thank you.”

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At one point, during his critical hospital stay, Cantu’s family said he was on life support, according to a October Fox News Digital Report. The family said that despite the dire circumstances, they remained hopeful.

Eric Cantu looks down at Officer James Brainand holding a hamburger as Brainand opens the car door.

Earlier this month, his family said he was awake and alert after being taken off the ventilator. The San Antonio Express-News reported.

Meanwhile, Brennand is facing two counts of aggravated assault by a public servant following an investigation into the October 2 incident.

He was fired soon after the incident.

Police accused Brennand of violating procedure and training after getting into the car.

Police said Cantu was eating a burger inside the car when Brenand, a rookie cop still on probation, arrived to respond to an unrelated disturbance at the fast food joint.

Eric Cantu flees after San Antonio police officer James Brenand shoots his pistol at the car in a fast food restaurant parking lot on October 2, 2022 in San Antonio, Texas.
Eric Cantu flees after Officer James Brennand fires his pistol at the car.

Police training commander Elisa Campos said during an October press conference that Brennand saw the car of Cantu, who he believed had escaped from the day before, and asked the teen to get out of the car and Asked to open the driver’s side door.

“With the door of the vehicle still open, the driver reversed the vehicle and attempted to leave. The officer was killed by the open door. The officers then retreated and opened fire on the vehicle as the driver was driving away from it,” Campos said.

Authorities alleged that Brainand fired his weapon several times before Cantu, who was with an unhurt passenger, was found by police, turned the car around and continued.

Police said the car’s registration plate did not match the vehicle’s, but the car was not stolen.

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