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A historic Tennessee town can be yours for the price of $725,000.

The town, named Water Valley, is about an hour south of Nashville near the famous Natchez Trace Parkway.


At just seven acres, most of the city was incorporated into neighboring Williamsport. Nashville-based real estate broker Christa Swartz, who is handling the sale, told Granthshala television stations on Saturday that Water Valley ceased to be recognized as a city after the post office closed.

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“It’s a quiet spot on a beautiful strip of highway that runs through,” Swartz explained. Granthshala Television Station.

The purchase will include certain buildings, including general, hardware and sporting good stores. There is also a creek and a barn on the property.

Swartz said potential buyers could potentially be his mayor, barkeeper and antique store owner. In the meantime, county officials will handle roads and water.

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“If you get Water Valley, you have to make decisions and make rules for your small town,” she said.

At least as far back as the 1890s, the town was once known for its apple orchards and has been sold at least four times over the decades.

The city is drawing parallels to the hit Canadian TV series shits creek In which a wealthy family, after losing their money, is forced to relocate to a small rural town that was once bought as a joke.

Swartz told Granthshala television stations that he has received a flood of offers from across the country, from locals to Hollywood producers who want to use the city in film and TV productions.

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“For locals, they recognize the dreaminess of it, and it’s the perfect proximity to Nashville,” Swartz said. “It’s some of the most beautiful country you’ll see in Tennessee.”