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it’s official. Tesla is moving its headquarters Austin.


Elon Musk The move was announced during the 2021 annual shareholders meeting on Thursday afternoon at the new Gigafactory in Del Valle. “I am excited to announce that we are moving our headquarters to Austin, TexasMusk said in the meeting, that was livestreamed.

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Musk said that the company intends to continue expanding activities in california And the move “is not a case of Tesla leaving California.”

In the final slide of the presentation, Musk also unveiled a new logo for Tesla, reminiscent of an oval rodeo belt buckle featuring a Tesla “T” with the words “Don’t Mess With” on a star, whose Meaning a play on the well-known “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Austin Mayor Steve Adler Welcoming Tesla issued a statement on the move:

“We welcome Tesla home! It is a tech company that creates clean manufacturing, medium-skill jobs for Austin’s needs. We are one of the safest big cities, with a strong innovative, entrepreneurial, A culture focused on the environment and Tesla fits right in. Tesla is now a huge part of a community that works together to meet our challenges and enjoy a magical city.”

This latest move follows Musk’s own move from California to Austin in December 2020 and his previous threats to move the company’s operations out of California in May 2020, due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place regulations that forced the closure of its Fremont plant.

It also comes after Del Valle Selected in July 2020 As the site for Tesla’s largest auto assembly plant. This Gigafactory will manufacture Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck pickup and is the second US factory for the Model Y small SUV.

Tesla isn’t the only California tech company moving its headquarters to Austin. Oracle Corporation, a multi-billion dollar software and technology company, Announced in December 2020 It was leaving Silicon Valley for Austin.

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