A family in Texas is sad to lose their son, who said he died less than 24 hours after testing positive for coronovirus. The Vernon family said their son, JJ, 9, had asthma, autism and ADHD, but on January 24, he had a “happy, hyper and loving self.” CBS DFW reported.

But the next morning, his father told the news outlet that he could hear JJ wheezing, and suspected it was the group. Several hours later, the boy was reportedly screaming for help from his mother because he could not breathe.

He Was taken to a local hospital and then via medical chopper to Cook Children’s Medical Center, where the family learned he was positive for COVID-19. The next day, he died, CBS DFW reported.

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“You don’t know how to live life because everything has just really changed,” Jason Boatman, the boy’s father, Told CBS DFW. “Everything has literally changed when your baby boy is never coming back.”

The school of a boy named Central Elementary in Vernon was closed last Tuesday and all students and staff were instructed to quarantine by 1 February. Granthshala4News.com reported. The district said the school would be disinfected and bereavement counselors would be provided when the students returned.

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According to a GoFundMe page set up by the family, in addition to her parents, JJ is survived by two older sisters.

There have been 13 deaths among children under 9 in Texas and due to COVID-19, According to state data. In total, around 36,000 people have died since the epidemic began in the state. The vast majority consists of people 80 years and older.