A Valentine couple rescued and harbored a delivery driver for nearly a week after being stranded in their driveway during a brutal winter storm on Valentine’s Day.

Chelsea Timmons said in a now-viral Facebook post that she was distributing groceries to the family in Austin last Sunday when her car spun out of control while attempting to drive onto its steep driveway.

“I realized that I had lost control of the car,” he said. “I just prepared myself for the impact as the car slides towards my house.”

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Although she missed the house, Timmons finished rolling in her flowers before hitting the trumps stump.

“I was able to turn on my car, but the slope was covered in snow and my wheels were just spinning and my car came back down after trying,” she wrote.

Timmons told “Good Morning America” ​​that the couple, Nina Richardson and Doug Condon, tried to help him move the car, but were unsuccessful.

Richardson and Condon let Timms wait for AAA, but the company eventually told him he was “inaccessible due to current circumstances,” according to his Facebook post.

Timmons then tried to take an Uber, lift and taxi to a nearby hotel, but the situation deteriorated.

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Shortly afterwards, Richardson and Condon offered her an extra room in the house. This kind of gesture brought tears to his eyes.

“These guys let an entire Stranger stay overnight! Not only that but I was cooked a steak dinner! Definitely not how I imagined my Valentine’s Day!” She wrote.

Due to the intensity of the storm which resulted in extensive power outages and terrible road conditions, Timmons became a welcome guest for six days.

When she suggested to leave, the couple replied, “Can you make it safely?” “What will you eat?” “What if they lose power” or “The guest room is no better than the Hampton Inn?” he said.

Timmons said she goes back to the guest room every morning and “sheds tears of joy.”

“I was able to relax with strangers during this unprecedented winter storm,” he said.