Praising texas duties social media To save a family trapped in the midst of a deadly winter storm, which raises the temperature in the area.

The blizzard of snow and ice had created widespread power outages, leaving millions of residents in the dark and without heat.

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According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, a family wanted to take refuge in a hotel – although they could not afford a room.

In Wednesday’s Facebook post, the Sheriff’s Office said its Crime Reduction Unit responded to a local hotel about a man who couldn’t afford a room.

Depots soon discovered that the man’s family was with young children, the sheriff’s office said.

Due to the “bad weather”, depots paid out of their own pocket to ensure that the family could stay in the hotel overnight and stay warm.

The act of kindness had already started well with over 300 comments, with many Facebook users also looking to pursue it by reimbursing the authorities.

“How can we reimburse the authorities for our generosity ???” One user wrote.

Similarly, another user wrote: “You thank the officers you are helping another human being. How can I donate to reimburse those officers.”

Another wrote that this story “shows the hearts of the heroes who serve our community! God bless you all.”