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A Texas man helped stop a suspected murderer during a carjacker after surviving a similar incident months earlier.

Luis Matos was sitting at his desk on May 26 when a car crashed into his building, hitting his chair and pushing debris over him. Two men, Juan Mendez and Jaritza Chavarria, got out of the car and tried to shoot Matos while his desk knocked him to the ground.


Months later, he was in the same area of ​​Uvalde at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday when he saw a man trying to force a woman, Jessica Garza, out of his car, abc 13 informed of.

“I jumped in my car, I didn’t even think about it,” Matos said. “I just kept thinking ‘That’s not going away.'”

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Marcus Wayne Brock, identified by police, drove with the vehicle, dragging Garza to the ground for four or five blocks as his seatbelt strapped him against the car. Matos followed briefly but was not able to stop the incident before Garza died.

“I was embarrassed,” Matos said. “When I picked up the piece of signage that was on top of his car, and I saw what he had done to it, I was furious.”

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Brock eventually crashes into a carwash before fleeing on foot.

Matos continued to chase Brock until he found him at a Ralston liquor and held him there until the police arrived. Police believe Brock, 55, robbed an auto parts store before stealing Garza’s car. Khou informed of.

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Court records indicate that Brock is responsible for crimes prior to 1985, with charges ranging from drug possession to theft.

Matos explained that he was fed up with “seeing everyone always turning away”.