The mayor of Colorado, Texas, who made headlines during the winter outburst after telling residents “no one owes you or your family anything,” resigned from his post Wednesday due to feedback on comments .

Colorado City Manager, David Hoover, told NBC News that Tim Boyd stepped down from his post. Boyd previously posted that he was “sick and tired” of people looking for handouts. He It is also written that “only the strong will survive and the weak will be weak [sic]”

The Dallas Morning News reported that Boyd said he wrote the Facebook message as a private citizen, not as the mayor of Colorado City. CBS DFW reported that he said his wife was “fired” after the comments.

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Weather-related activities have been particularly stubborn in Oregon, where some customers have been without electricity for about a week.

The worst US outage so far has been in Texas, where 3 million homes and businesses remained without electricity until Wednesday afternoon.

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