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A San Antonio mother has given birth to two healthy baby girls despite testing positive for COVID-19.

Wendy Leal’s family said they had been unsure for weeks whether the twins would make it.


“We thought, ‘Oh my god, what’s going to happen to the girls,'” explained Yesica Trevino, Lil’s sister. Cannes 5 of San Antonio.

Trevino said the virus took a toll on her sister, who has not been vaccinated.

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“She was sick and it was difficult for her to talk and stay,” Trevino told the station. “Me in particular, I’ve never heard of anyone being pregnant with COVID and all was well. So yeah, we were worried the girls wouldn’t make it.”

Doctors performed an emergency C-section and Lil gave birth to twins, Matilde and Renata, last Monday. She was with him only for a moment before parting ways.

“Thank god they didn’t catch anything,” Trevino said. “We are just waiting for (doctors) to tell us when they can get out.”