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Liberal pundits and news outlets across the country are using Thank you For degrading the week’s holiday and calling it an act of white supremacy and genocide.

“What Is Thanksgiving For Indigenous Peoples? ‘A Day Of Mourning'” One USA Today Topic said Tuesday, along with an article that claimed “many” Americans believe the holiday “represents the specter of genocide.”


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A weather service, currently, posted an article on Tuesday suggesting that Americans celebrating Thanksgiving were “hurting” the Native American community.

“Many people across the country will thank you,” the tweet said. “The holiday is perpetuated in a false narrative, which turns the true history of genocide and colonialism into a light and largely false story.”

On MSNBC over the weekend, Gypsy Ross, who is a Native American, Explained There is a section that white people have created a fake story around Thanksgiving and that the Pilgrims are responsible for a system of white supremacy that is used to this day to perpetrate “state-sponsored” violence against black people. Is.

President Biden, peanut butter, passes the national Thanksgiving turkey after he was pardoned during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday, November 19, 2021 in Washington.

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In the Pennsylvania Capital-Star, author Michael Kord wrote an opinion that said: “When the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower in 1620, they didn’t bring thanks. They didn’t even give thanks. Instead, they brought racist massacres and gave nothing.”

Green Bean Casserole Recipes on the This Week Eater website have warned Readers, “Thanksgiving originated as an uneasy, temporary alliance between 17th-century English settlers and members of the Wampanoag Union.”

Petition website on, signed by more than 75,000 people petition Called the Wall Street Journal to stop publishing its annual Thanksgiving editorial that portrays the Pilgrims in a positive light. The Wall Street Journal rejected that request.

Wall Street Journal refuses to accept Leftist demands to cancel thank-you editors: ‘We will not bow down’

In mid-November, the chancellor of Washington DC, Public Schools sent a letter to the D.C. public school community encouraging parents and children to “decolonize” Thanksgiving, a holiday they said brings “horror.”

Posted by lifestyle media company Green Matters Article This week’s Thanksgiving outlines the many ways it can be “bad.”

“Not only is Thanksgiving offensive to indigenous peoples, but it also glorifies colonialism, slavery, and even epidemics,” the article said. “Many Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving have no idea how cruel the holiday’s origins are, while those who do may either boycott the holiday, or use it as a way of expressing general gratitude, with the family. Can use as an excuse to gather together and have a leisurely meal.”

Oregon Democratic State Senator Casey Jama tweeted, “This thank you, please consider some alternative options such as listening to native speakers to broaden your perspective, educating and educating your families on this topic, giving back to the community.” Or supporting core businesses.”

Earlier this month, the Washington Post published a Article The one who claimed the Native American tribe helped the Pilgrims still regrets it 400 years later.