“That’s Herb Dean’s Mistake” – Derrick Lewis Curtis Justifies Extra Punches After Bleed’s Knockout

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    Derrick Lewis blamed referee Herb Dean for the extra punches that flew over Curtis Blayds, even though his opponent was already unconscious.

    There was a dispute between two of the top two heavyweight contenders at last weekend’s UFC Main Event bout, as Derrick Lewis continued to hit the Blades after being already down on the canvas.

    Many MMA fans and analysts described Derrick Lewis’ action as unnecessary and reckless, with the No. 4 UFC heavyweight contender preferring to blame match referee Dean.

    “Because his corner, talking about his coach, was’ that shit * t.” I was saying, ‘It’s not my fault, it’s Herb Dean’s fault.’ I will keep fighting until the referee removes you. It is with anyone. The same can happen to me. I will just keep fighting until the referee stops, “Derrick Lewis said in the post-fight press conference.

    “I just can’t turn the switch the same way. I know some fighters could have done that, but I can’t do that. I’ll have to wait until the referee turns you away from them because you never know. That’s what happens. Anything can happen, “Derrick Lewis continued.

    After a powerful uppercase from Derrick Louis, Blayds immediately went to the ground. Dean quickly yelled for ‘The Black Beast’ to stop the Bleeds, but the referee was too far from the action, so it took him a few seconds to physically drag Derrick Lewis.

    Durick Lewis defends extra punches with WWE reference

    The Undertaker (left) and Derrick Lewis (right)

    He Explained why he threw extra boxes at an unconscious opponent, joking that Curtis Blayds could grow like a great WWE fighter ‘Undertaker’.

    “He Can turn into ‘Undertaker’ and sit upright and eat all those shots. you never know. You have to keep going until the referee chills, ”Derrick Lewis joked.

    The Undertaker was famous for his in-ring character of ‘Deadman’, where he was portrayed as impervious to pain, absorbing the attacks of his enemies without realizing any damage.

    With his knockout victory, Derrick Lewis tied Vittor Belfert’s record for most knockout wins (12) in the UFC.

    Although ‘The Black Beast call-out Alastair Overim after the victory, he reached close to championship heights after defeating Blayeds, who was the No. 2 heavyweight contender before the fight.

    Published February 22, 2021 12:42 AM IST

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