“That’s really home advantage” – Stuart Broad creates a rank turner in India’s favor

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    Stuart Broad believes that India has every right to count its domestic advantage in relation to the preparation of pitches.

    This fast bowler praised India’s performance and believed that the audience was well out in the second Test in Chennai.

    The second Test started well from day one.

    Many experts disbanded the pitch, but Stuart Broad does not complain. In his column for the Daily Mail, the bowler wrote:

    “There is no criticism of the second test pitch from our point of view. It is really a home advantage, and you are well within your rights to use it. Why would India not play on pitches that are square and on But first-innings is important. They got us out on a pitch in which they are very efficient, but very different for us.

    The fast bowler also talked about the time when England produced a green top at the Lords in the 2018 Test series against India, which was widely owned by the hosts.

    “It’s the same as when we beat India at Lord’s in 2018: the ball turned around, and when it did, it looked like a different pitch when we batted it compared to our opposition. Why? ? Because we have spent 30 years playing. Stuart Broad said, “The ball was rolling in the air. India were bowled out for 107 and 130 and we won by an innings. “

    Stuart Broad explains how Australia uses its domestic advantage

    Stuart Broad

    Stuart Broad also talked about how most nations try to take subtle benefits when they play at home.

    The bowler said that Australia often play the first match of the Test series in Brisbane because of their excellent record on that ground.

    “There are all different ways to try to give yourself an advantage on the home ground. When South Africa play at home in Sri Lanka, there is not much discussion about how they would bounce back to the high ground Let’s play on pitches. Broad said, in Australia, they have a tendency to play the first match of a series at the Gaba, because it is all kinds of subtle advantages the sport uses around the world.

    The India-England series is currently 1–1 on par and both teams will resume their rivalry in Ahmedabad on 24 February, which will be a day-night test.

    It remains to be seen what kind of situation will happen in the world’s largest cricket stadium.

    Published 21 February 2021 09:52 AM

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