The Americans are partly in favor of ‘no’ votes in Union Drive.

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    Votes against the union had more than 2 gains in favor, according to a live broadcast of the count counted by The New York Times, with nearly half of the ballots counted late Thursday. When the counting of votes was held, there were 1,100 votes against the union and 463 in support.

    The incomplete tally placed Amazon to defeat the most serious organized-labor threat in the company’s history. In a high-profile campaign since the fall, the retail, wholesale and department store unions aimed to establish the first union in Amazon’s warehouse in the United States. The result will have major implications not only for Amazon but also for organized labor and its partners.

    The union said that out of 5,805 eligible voters in the warehouse, 55 percent of the voters passed 3,215 ballots. The union should receive more than half the support of the prevailing votes.

    Ballot count Birmingham, Ala. In the office of the National Labor Relations Board was being carried out in random order, and the process was disseminated to more than 200 journalists, lawyers and other supervisors through Zoom.

    Voting was conducted by mail from the beginning of February to the end of the previous month. A handful of Labor Circle workers Thursday said “yes” to the results of each vote for union or “no” for nearly four hours. The counting of votes is scheduled to resume in the early hours of Friday.

    Amazon and the union had spent more than a week in closed sessions, with the Labor Board reviewing each ballot cast’s eligibility, the federal agency that conducts union elections. The union said that several hundred ballots were contested, largely by Amazon, and those ballots were postponed and counted only when they were important to determine an outcome. If Amazon’s large margin remains constant throughout the count, ballot boxes are likely to be messed up in the election.

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