‘The Bachelorette’: What Happened to Aaron Clancy and Cody Menk? The First Episode Confused Fans About Katie Thurston’s Contestants

on 7 june The Bachelorette The season 17 premiere began without much drama among the cast members of Katie Thurston. Well, except for one brief moment that left many Bachelor Nation fans confused. among the new Bachelorette In the episode, contestants Aaron Clancy and Cody Menk get into a fight. But the ABC reality series didn’t fully explain the feud. So here’s what Katie had to say about Aaron and Cody Beef and what’s next.

What Happened to Aaron and Cody at the Premiere of ‘The Bachelorette’?

Cody Menk and Aaron Clancy from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 17 | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

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The Bachelorette Drama broke out between Aaron and Cody in the season 17 premiere. Many artists were concerned about time with Katie. Then the show jumped into a brawl between Aaron and Cody.

“I don’t like you, brother,” said Aaron. “Like, I never liked you, and that’s okay. We don’t have to talk at all. It’s not my fault that I don’t like you, bro.”

Cody recognized that they didn’t need to talk. Then he said, “Well you don’t like me, so it’s your fault.”

Meanwhile, Aaron left the conversation, saying that he told Cody “what’s really going on.” Cody also denied Aaron’s claims. “Okay man, I don’t agree with anything you said. I don’t think it was needed at all.”

Afterwards, Cody talked The Bachelorette The makers claimed in a confessional statement that the controversy was completely out of nowhere. “I’m like, ‘What are you talking about, man? he said. “that does not matter?”

Finally, two Bachelorette The contestants returned to the group in uneasy silence. Aaron told everyone to “lighten up.” Then Trey Cooper responded in the best possible way.

“I want to keep my nose out of it,” Trey said. “None of the beef, I’m a vegetarian.”

What Does Katie Thurston Say About Aaron & Cody’s Fight On ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 17?

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During The Bachelorette season 17 premiere, katie tweeted About the drama between Cody and Aaron. But ultimately, it looked like she was just as confused as other Bachelor Nation fans watching from home.

Katie wrote, “The first night was to learn the drama between Cody and Aaron.” “But why? #The Bachelorette”

Then while talking with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti almost Famous podcast, Katie confirmed that she didn’t know Cody and that Aaron even spoke on the limo night.

“One night, I didn’t even know Cody and Aaron talked about their dislike for each other,” Katie said.

The new lead also teased whether the drama would come in a later episode? The Bachelorette Season 17.

“I would say it’s definitely a small introduction to their dynamic,” she said.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers about Aaron and Cody’s storyline in The Bachelorette 2021.]

Reality Steve Predicts How Aaron and Cody Know Each Other and What’s Next on ‘The Bachelorette’

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it’s clear Bachelorette Fans haven’t seen the last of Aaron and Cody in Season 17. So how do contestants know each other to dislike each other? Ahead of the Premiere Episode, Bachelor Nation Spoilers Guru reality steve Teased the story of Aaron and Cody.

“Aaron Clancy and Cody Menk both live in the San Diego area,” wrote Reality Steve. “I don’t know if they knew each other, but, they certainly did at least know” of Ran with each other and in the same friend circle.”

He continued, “The story of an early season is that Aaron went up to Katie and told her that Cody was a party guy, not really meant for her, Cody found out about this and confronted Aaron. Me. Don’t think it has materialized.”

So how does the Cody and Aaron drama end The Bachelorette Season 17? According to Reality Steve, Katie will eventually eliminate both men.

Reality Steve wrote, “Cody ended up either in that moment or at the next rose ceremony.” “Aaron went home an episode or two later.”

ABC releases new episodes of The Bachelorette Season 17 on Monday nights.

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