The behind-the-scenes photo of Sebastian Stan is a big push for young Luke Skywalker

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    Star wars And MCU are the two biggest franchises right now, and they are both owned by Disney. While some actors have acted on both properties, some fans are actually dying for Sebastian Stein, who plays the role of Bucky Barnes in the MCU, as well as to jumpstart Star Wars. The main reason for fans to ask this is simple, Stan kinda looks like Mark Hamill, who played the role of Luke Skywalker, when Hamill was younger. However, there is no indication that Disney plans to do so any time soon, with Stan recently posting a behind-the-scenes photo and fans renewing their push for this casting option . Look at that picture here and why many fans think that Sebastian Stein would be a great young Luke Skywalker.

    Sebastian Stein | Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

    Behind-the-scenes view of Sebastian Stein

    Stan posted a back-the-scene photo on his social media a few days ago, and both a Marvel fan and a Star Wars fan were delighted. Like on a fan Reddit Commented, “Bucky is being investigated before he grabs a lightsaber.”

    This back-of-the-scene photo was from a camera test he did as filming preparations in late 2019 Falcon and Winter Soldier. The photo is a very common picture where Stan, in his Winter Soldier costume, looks at the side as he stands in front of some LED tube.

    They may be for LED tube decoration or for more practical purposes, but to most fans, they simply looked like lighterbars. As a result, fans began, either jokingly or seriously, talking about casting him as a young Luke Skywalker. Another radiator wrote, “Sebastian Skywalker confirmed.”

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    While Disney gets free from making movies about the Skywalker family, that didn’t stop Luke from popping up Mandalorian. The show is set a few years later Return of the Jedi, So when Luke made a surprise appearance in season two finale, he looked the same as he did Return of the Jedi.

    Disney has also announced several other projects that are due around time Mandalorian, So if Luke were to appear again, there might be a chance that Disney decided to cast someone full-time for the role of Luke. in MandalorianDisney seems to have just used CGI to create a likeness to a young Luke, but some fans thought it sounded strange.

    This is where Stan comes in, as an actual actor playing the role would mean Disney would not need to use CGI on Luke. And as Marvel and Star Wars fans talk, Stan actually resembles Hamil when he was younger.

    Will Sebastian Stan play the role of a young Luke Skywalker?

    It is undisputed that Stan’s face looks like Hamil’s face when he was younger, so if Disney wanted to bring Luke again, or Young to take Luke, Stan would be a good choice for the job. That being said, it is not necessarily all fans want.

    Star Wars fans tend to place artists at very high positions when it comes to things like recurring. Carrie Fisher was the only person who could play the role of Leia, so when she passed away, Disney ended her story in a way that Leia didn’t need to come again. It is the same story for Harrison Ford’s Han Solo and Hamill’s Luke.

    On top of that, Disney is clear that the Skywalker family story is over. Like, it was nice to see a young Luke in action Mandalorian, This can only be a one-time thing. Because of that, an actor may not be required to play the role of a young Luke in the future.

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