Barry Williams is opening up about how he navigated life as a teenager, playing a teenage boy on the popular sitcom “The Brady Bunch.”

The 66-year-old actor recentlytoday extraAnd spoke about the challenges of growing up not only in the public eye but on camera to the whole world when she starred in the ever-popular family show.

“The years were very intense years for me,” Williams recalled on an Australian morning talk show. “All my teenage years, 14 to 20, were on The Brady Bunch.”

However, the plight of Williams growing up wasn’t just reserved for actor Greg Brady. In fact, Williams relayed that many of the series’ young child actors experienced a similar transition to entering puberty and going through physical changes throughout their adult years.

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“There were a lot of changes,” he continued. “You could hear the voice changing, you could see the hair changing, you could see the evolution going on with all of us.”

“So, it was sometimes funny and sometimes funny, but I’ve always enjoyed watching people show up,” he said.

Barry Williams as Greg Brady.  (Photo via Getty Images by CBS)

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“The Brady Bunch” aired for five seasons on ABC from 1969 to 1974, and its success led to several spinoff titles.

Ahead of the show’s 50th anniversary in 2019, Williams’ onscreen sister, Susan Olsen—who starred as Cindy Brady wearing pigtails—told Granthshala News that she hated being on the show, but absolutely loved those people. With whom she was lucky to work.

'The Brady Bunch' star Barry Williams said his teenage years on the popular sitcom were 'very intense'.

“I never thought I’d say that because when I was younger I was so rebellious and I really hated the fact that I was on such a good show with American values ​​and family values. But think what – now me So proud of that 59-year-old Olsen said in reference to why the show has managed to stand the test of time after so many years of exiting TV.

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“I say to be immortal, you have to have a soul and the soul is love. And I think the love that was shown in the show was real between all of us actors and I think people like it. Do. That,” added the gamer and acting coach.

In 2019, the surviving cast members reunited to recreate the family’s famous TV digs in HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation.”