Getting net new customers is max 25 times Customers are more expensive than they are to keep, and a poor customer experience is a leading indicator of customer churn. Therefore, a key element to any business operation or customer retention strategy is keeping your customers happy – or better yet, treating them how you want to be treated.

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Most customer support today is delivered remotely. There are four important things a company must consistently manage if they want to provide world-class remote customer service.

simplify communication

First, it should be easy for consumers to contact your customer service department. For example, do they have the option of communicating with your service center via web chat, social media, texting or calling? Other resources, such as knowledge bases and chatbots, lighten the load for your customer service representatives by allowing customers to find answers to common problems. How many times do you say to yourself, “I’ll just Google this?” Customers are increasingly expected to find solutions online, including through your website or customer portal. The more options, including self-service options, the better when it comes to customer experience.

communicate clearly


Second, the customer service representative should comfort the customer and assure them that they are in good hands. Part of this is achieved through effective technology, but the human element of customer service is just as important. There are steps a human agent can take to provide a sense of security for the customer. Do your representatives call the customer by their name and vice versa? Teaching customer service personnel to listen is of the utmost importance. If you want to know what the customer needs from you, you must ask And Listen. No matter how customers interact with an agent, the agent should be able to reduce any existing stress the customer is feeling and provide the customer with a sense of confidence that they will be taken care of.

Additionally, the expectations for the resolution should be clearly explained and a precise timeline for the resolution should be stated. If a timeline is not going to be met, it is important for the customer service department to reset expectations with the customer. When negative things happen, good customer service departments are forthright and ready to deliver bad news. Once the resolution is communicated, it is important to meet those expectations. Don’t keep promises and don’t fulfill them.

how did you do

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Measurable contact center performance is a way of measuring how well your customer service agents are satisfying customers through metrics. Call abandonment rate (disconnected before customer service is received), percentage of blocked calls (a busy signal was received when the customer called), average time in queue, average answer speed, handle time and call resolution time are all your Measure agents. Can indicate productivity and successes and areas of improvement.

While metrics and contact center analytics paint a picture of your agents’ performance, your customer satisfaction should also be measured. Continuously gathering feedback from customers while keeping the resolution process on track makes them feel valued. You cannot measure what you do not know. Good customer service centers conduct post-resolution surveys to assess the experience of their customers over time. This can be done in various ways like text, call, email or web portal. Successful businesses monitor their team’s performance and are always on the lookout for new ways to add value to the customer experience.

close the loop

A “closed loop” customer experience is when you respond directly to customer feedback. While customer feedback is useful data to improve Contact Center performance, acting as a conversation starter on it can further improve the experience by making your customers feel valued and valued. To effectively implement closed-loop, you must act on feedback quickly, have a clear understanding of the problem and solution and why the feedback (positive or negative) was given, and relate it to the customer and the type of relationship. should be properly prepared. They have you with them.

Also, a closed-loop process must be automated so that a ticket can be created that can track conversations and assign them to different team members as needed. Integration with your CRM and Contact Center solutions is critical to maintaining a historical record of customer interactions with your company.

Ensuring quality service when demand increases depends on a customer experience strategy that incorporates all these four golden rules. You will experience customer churn if you fail to provide customer service that meets expectations. The use of technological solutions such as Omnichannel with your service department and continuous reinvention of these four golden rules can reduce customer churn.