The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse have come to ‘Minecraft’

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A new data pack adds death, famine, war and conquest

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Player-created data pack adds four new items Minecraft, each one inspired by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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created by whimzyEach item is affected by death, famine, war, and conquest and allows players to summon a horse with a unique, special ability.


“These horses are the best you have ever seen,” Whimzy said in a video showing the pack, as they can run faster than a regular horse and jump six blocks higher. “The real fun comes with special abilities” though.

Death, as you would expect, comes in the form of a sickle that summons a dark cloud to slay everything in its path. Meanwhile, the famine emits a toxic cloud that robs the surrounding hordes of strength, eventually causing them to starve. The Victory Item is a bow that fires lots of flaming arrows, while War is a wide sword that summons floating blades that also fire lasers.

According to the producer, “The new abilities are crazy about power and lots of fun.” See them in action below.

once added to the pack Minecraft, players just have to type “/reload” to be given a guidebook. Then clicking on the item will cheat it in game. Items cannot be crafted, but players have a 10% chance of getting one every time Enderman is killed.

It was recently revealed that the mod’s combination can now be transformed MinecraftScenes in something like an AAA game with Pixar-style visuals. However, achieving these results comes with the risk of doing too much work for even the most powerful GPUs.


In other news it has been confirmed that Minecraft Live will return this year, starting in October.

“Filmed and broadcast live across the world via the Internet. The show is packed with juicy Minecraft Will include a pre-show and community vote to ensure news, content creators, and what really impacts the game,” says Official Minecraft Website. Last year, personally employed Minecraft Due to COVID-19 the festival was called off and replaced with a virtual event.

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