The full list of Michelin-approved restaurants in Toronto

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French cuisine at Alobar Yorkville earned the restaurant a one-star rating.handout

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Toronto foodie, you’ve officially entered the arena of international repute. The prestigious Michelin Guide has awarded 13 Toronto restaurants with coveted stars in its first Canadian edition. Michelin Guide announced the inaugural Toronto rankings on Tuesday, awarding a total of 13 restaurants with stars.

The guide is divided into four categories: three stars, two stars, one star and Bib Gourmond, which identify “good-value restaurants” that are easy on the wallet.


No restaurant in Toronto snagged the highest price of three stars – worldwide, there are only 136 restaurants that hold a three-star rating. One Toronto restaurant in Yorkville, Sushi Masaki Saito, received two stars, and another 12 restaurants received one star each. Seventeen restaurants were awarded the Bib Gourmand distinction.

Michelin has plans for further expansion within Canada with an upcoming Guide to Vancouver. There are now 60 Michelin guides in 38 countries and six cities in North America.

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But the Michelin Guide has also faced criticism in recent years for being elitist and Eurocentric. As The Globe’s food reporter Ann Hui writes, it also turned out that some of the guides were being at least partially funded by local tourism boards.

Opinion: The Michelin Guide is coming to Canada – and it ignites Toronto’s desperate appetite for outdoor admiration

The guide is compiled by Michelin “Inspectors”, as the organization calls its food critics, who anonymously visit restaurants and pay for their own meals to make sure they are treated like average customers. The inspectors’ decision criteria are kept secret, but are based on the quality of the products, “mastery of the taste and cooking techniques”, the representation of the chef’s personality in the dining experience, the harmony of tastes and the inspectors’ visits. continuity between

Here is a complete list of Michelin-ranked restaurants in Toronto.

two stars

Sushi Masaki Saito

Types of dishes: japanese/sushi

Chef: Masaki Saito

neighbourhood: Yorkville (88 Ave Rd.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Only here you’ll find shirako boldly skewered and grilled on binchotan, and only here you’ll eat melting slabs of chutaro buried under a blizzard of white truffles. The fish comes exclusively from Japan, and for nigiri, the assistant quickly bring [chef Masaki Saito] His prized rice, from Niigata Prefecture, is heated and colored with his own special blend of vinegar, after each round. ,

a star

steam up

Types of dishes: japanese/kaiseki

Chef: Ryusuke Nakagawa

neighbourhood: Yorkville (102 Yorkville Ave.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Chef Ryusuke Nakagawa offers a modern take on a Kyo-kaiseki menu surrounded by history. His cooking is very personal and complex, but never overwrought.”

come on

Types of dishes: Contemporary, European and Asian

Chef: Patrick Chris

neighbourhood: Queen West (163 Spadina Ave.)

What The Globe said in 2015: “Even at a crossroads on the third floor of an unmarked building that is not readily associated with ambitious foodies, [chef Patrick Kriss and front-of-house partner Amanda Bradley] Can build one of the most eccentric and daring and extraordinary new restaurants in Canada, and fill it with enthusiastic customers every night. ,

alobar yorkville

Types of dishes: French

Chef: Patrick Chris and Rebekah Bruce

neighbourhood: Yorkville (162 Cumberland St.)

What the Globe said in 2018: “The prices may give some gasps, but rest assured, when you’re here you’ll be treated like a sportsman. Dining at Elo Bar reminds me of eating in European restaurants, where service is considered a profession, not a profession.” That a transitional phase between education and career. Like those working in the kitchen, the servers here take their work seriously and it shows.”

Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto

Types of dishes: Italian

Chef: Daniel Corona

neighbourhood: Harbourfront (1 Harbor Square)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Chef Danielle Corona’s dishes echo the contemporary sophistication of the dining room.”

to eat

Types of dishes: Contemporary, Mediterranean

Chef: Michael Horse and Toby Nemeth

neighbourhood: King West (169 Niagara St.)

What The Globe said in 2014: “Toby Nemeth and Michael Caballo’s 32-seat space keeps getting better and better, the cooking more precise and distinctive and consistently thrilling, more ingredients than usual, the wine and service and the mood of the room is more of a celebration every time. Back Gone.”

Enigma Yorkville

Types of dishes: contemporary european

Chef: Quinton Bennett

neighbourhood: Yorkville (23 St. Thomas St.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Using molecular techniques, Chef Quinton Bennett takes his worldly approach to the plate, playing on diverse textures and surprising combinations.”


Types of dishes: Contemporary Canadians with Asian Influences

Chef: John-Vincent Triano

neighbourhood: Thornhill (7713 Yong St.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “A small space full of brilliance, the under-decorated nook leaves everything on the plate, with high-quality produce from their farm with an interesting Japanese element that feels natural.”

kaiseki yu-zen hashimoto

Types of dishes: japanese/kaiseki

Chef: Masaki Hashimoto

neighbourhood: Don Mills (6 Garamond Ct.)

What Michelin Inspectors Said: “It’s about focusing on flash with a sophisticated complex style and attention to detail that borders on respectability.”

Osteria Giulia

Types of dishes: Italian

Chef: rob rossi

neighbourhood: Yorkville (134 Ave Rd.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “It seems almost impossible to have a bad time at Chef Rob Rossi’s Italian stunner. While many Italian menus may look alike, Rossi draws on the seafood-rich traditions of Liguria.”


Types of dishes: Mexican

Chef: Steve Molnar

neighbourhood: Little Italy (419 College St.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Lamb barbacoa set in a crema poblana is packed into grilled, blue masa tortillas and charred maitake mushrooms, exuding the transformative magic of fire, while dry-aged amberjack aguachile flexes the kitchen’s delicate side. Is.”


Types of dishes: japanese/sushi

Chef: Jackie Lino

neighbourhood: Yong and Lawrence (3328 Yong St.)

What the Globe said in 2016: “Mr. Lin’s specialty is classic, Tokyo-style sushi, in which each species is sliced ​​or scored, seasoned and in some cases marinated or smoked to highlight its best characteristics.”


Types of dishes: japanese/kaiseki

Chef: daisuke isutsu

neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant (643a Mount Pleasant Rd.)

What Michelin inspectors said: “Firmly rooted in the season, this kaiseki-style menu is highly original and personal.”

bib gourmands

Michelin Guide inspectors also found 17 restaurants eligible bib gourmand designation, The award recognizes “good quality, good value restaurants” where diners can have two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for less than $60 CAD.

Here is the complete list of bib gourds:

  • the ace
  • alma
  • bar rawal
  • Heartfelt
  • Cherry St. Bar-B-Q
  • chickpea chicken
  • social liquor store
  • fat pasha
  • favorite thai
  • Balam in the background
  • gray garden
  • Indian Street Food Company
  • la bartola
  • puerto bravo
  • R&D
  • Sumilious Smoked Meat and Deli
  • Waynon

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