The Genshin Effect: How to Complete the Five Flush of Fortune Incident for the Red Object

    Genshin Impact offers Fortune’s Five Flush Freez Primogimes, Hero’s Wit, Mora and Mystic Enhancing Ores.

    Players must collect five colors and claim a Fortune Trove from Ji Tong to complete the event.

    The Five Flushes of Fortune event banner in Genshin Impact“>
    Five Flush of Fortune Event Banners at Genshin Impact

    How to assemble the five colors in Fortune’s Five Flushes at Genshin Impact

    The event challenges players to capture red items and collect five different colors for the first day. Items can be anything such as windwheel esters, flaming flower stamen, juyun peppers, walberry and silk flowers. These items can be found everywhere on the map of Gainshin Impact. An object of one type can be caught multiple times, but an object can be caught once.

    Players will receive ten movies per day, which means that ten pictures can be captured every day to collect colors. To capture, players will need to equip the pedestal camera Get by tongue. After capturing a red object, a picture of a random color will be obtained. The film’s five colors: Pale Gold, Ocher, Purple Astor, Crimson, and Ultramarine need to be collected from Ji Tong to claim the “Fortune Trove”.

    Crimson Color obtained by capturing Windwheel Aster“>
    Obtained Crimson Color by capturing Windwheel Aster
    Ultramarine obtained by capturing Windwheel Aster.“>
    Windwheel obtained Ultramarine by capturing Aster.
    Purple Aster obtained by capturing Windwheel Aster“>
    Purple ester obtained by capturing windwheel ester
    Ocher obtained by capturing Windwheel Aster“>
    Gained ocher by capturing windwheel ester

    Pale Gold obtained by capturing Windwheel Aster“>
    Pell Gold gained by holding windwheel ester

    An easy way to find ten red objects is to teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Winderage and Dawn Winery. More than 10 windwheel esters can be located in proximity of the statue.

    Windwheel Aster (Red item) near Statue of the Seven“>
    Windwheel ester (red object) near the Statue of the Seven

    Players can capture photos of those flowers to collect different colors in Genshin Impact. After using all ten films, players have to teleport to the port of Liu to find Ji Tong and offer him five colors in exchange for a fortune fund. It will award prizes like 60 Primitive, 120000 Mora, 24 X Mystic Growth Ores and 12 X Hero of Wisdom. Eight Fortune Trovers can be claimed during the 10-day event.

    Obtain a Fortune Trove with the shown possible rewards by Offering Photographs of Five colors“>
    Get a Fortune trove with potential prizes shown by offering five color photos

    Players can capture ten photographs every day for the first seven days. But taking pictures in the last three days of the event will not be possible. Players will need to trade pictures with other players to obtain the required colors.

    A total of 50 unclaimed photographs of different colors can be stored at one time. The colors that are caught as soon as possible will be removed from the list against the excess of the game.

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    Published 03 Feb 2021, 14:28 IST

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