The Great British Bake Off final: Giuseppe Dell’Anno crowned winner

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Yusep Dell’Anno has been crowned the winner of Great British Bake Off 2021.

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The 45-year-old amateur baker and chief engineer from Bristol is the first Italian to receive the top prize.

He saw competition from Krystle Pereira and Chiggs Parmar in the final episode of the Channel 4 Baking Contest on Tuesday.


After being given the title, Giuseppe said: “There are no words, I am speechless for once. I can only think of my mom and dad’s reaction.

“The fact that everything I’ve done to deserve it comes from[Dad’s]legacy, it’s the best thank you note I could possibly send him.”

Judge Dame Prue Leith noted the influence of Giuseppe’s legacy on his baking throughout the series.

“He is such a classic, beautiful baker and he represents the long tradition of classic Italian baking. He has done it brilliantly in every way,” she said.

“I’m going home to make more Italian cakes because they’re really good.”

Giuseppe said it was surprising to be the first “British” winner to receive incredible support from both Bristol and Italy.

He took the crown despite coming last in the series’ final technical challenge and showstopper in the oven issues.

Both Leith and fellow judge Paul Hollywood said the finale was the closest yet—each contestant received two coveted “Hollywood handshakes” and two Star Baker Awards during the course of the series.

The episode saw the trio create exquisite carrot cakes, Belgian buns and a showstopper dessert inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party from Alice in Wonderland.

Giuseppe gambled with his carrot cake by baking a large sponge and a special “family jam” of figs and walnuts.

They were also placed last in the technical challenge after “massively” overbake despite the cleanliness of the Belgian buns.

“The icing is perfect, the shape is lovely, everything except leaving them in the oven for too long,” Leith said.

“It’s a pity because it’s the final.”

“He would have been number one, the bar for color,” Hollywood said.

Meanwhile, Crystal won her first technical challenge, saying: “It only took me 10 weeks.”

The final showstopper challenge of 2021 tasked finalists to create a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party display, using both sweet and savory treats, and demonstrating at least four baking themes.

Giuseppe opted for a giant teardrop and shared brioche mushroom with mango and passionfruit “Drink Me” panna cotta, heart-shaped orange and fig muffins, and an asparagus and pea-filled choux caterpillar.

He was in for a big shock after learning his oven hadn’t been turned off and preheated properly.

But despite this and their intricate design, their efforts were well received, with panna cotta being described as “astonishing” by Hollywood and “enjoyment” by Leith.

“It’s the perfect texture for a panna cotta … I’m taking it with me,” said Leith, who took an extra helping.

The judges said Chiggs “did a really good job” with their Cheshire Cat-inspired orange cake.

Christel also won praise for its Goan curry filling, but fell through with its focus, which Hollywood branded as “raw dough” and “inedible”.

The latest Bake Off coronation was witnessed by the show’s crew, who created a “bubble” at the Down Hall Hotel near Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, during the entire filming period.

Giuseppe said he would love to “crystallize the legacy of my father and family” in a cookery book on Italian baking, which would draw from his family and his love for baking.

“It runs through our blood,” he said.

“It would be nice to know that the Dell’Anno family will have a cookbook for posterity.”


Chiggs, Christel and Giuseppe All competed to be crowned the winner of the 12th series on amateur baking contest channel 4,

The three judges were trying to impress Paul Hollywood and Dame Pru Leith during the final round of the signature, technical and showstopper task.

Will ‘Chiggs’ Parmar, 40, a sales manager from Leicester, only started cooking regularly during the first national lockdown of 2020.

Final Chigs, 40

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Final Chigs, 40

Italian amateur baker Giuseppe Dell’Anno, 45, is a chief engineer and lives in Bristol with his wife and their three young sons.

Finalist Giuseppe, 45

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Finalist Giuseppe, 45

Krystle Pereira, 26, who manages London-based client relations, meanwhile, started cooking seriously three years ago.

She enjoys mixing spices from the places she has visited in her bakes.

Finalist Crystal, 26

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Finalist Crystal, 26

Bake Off announced that it has license extended For another three years till 2024 with Channel 4 and Luv Productions.


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